A Plague Tale: Innocence (Next-Gen Version) on PS5 Supported Features & Issues???


I have a very specific question regarding the upcoming July 6th release of "A Plague Tale: Innocence" on PS5 especially regarding the free next gen upgrade for existing PS4 owners such as myself since its original launch on May 14, 2019.


Is it possible to migrate your previously earned trophies on PS4 to the PS5 version of "A Plague Tale: Innocence" once the user has imported their PS4 save file onto the PS5 console like how other games have achieved this auto trophy migration feature such as "Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order" recently as well as "Marvel Spider Man: Miles Morales & Remastered"?

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and question where I hope to hear a response back from you soon before July 6th as I personally eagerly await the upcoming launch of "A Plague Tale: Requiem" for next gen platforms only such as my PS5 console alongside the other system owners of Xbox Series X|S via Day 1 on Game Pass, Nintendo Switch (Cloud Version), and Windows PC.

Best regards and continued success in your development on everything from Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows and Xbox as well as "A Plague Tale" on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch (Cloud Version), and Windows PC.

  • Amica & Hugo

Hello! It will not be possible to migrate earned trophies from PS4 to PS5.