Map release

So I've finally decided to stop hoarding my maps and set them loose on the public. "Trailzz" is my very first map. I've had it completed for some time, but wasn't confident enough in my skills as a mapmaker to release anything publicly. As always, feedback is welcome however this will be a FINAL release of this particular map (barring any game-breaking issues with it).
Have fun! 😃

My second map, "FlyingBlind" is now live on the workshop as well. What started out as an experiment with Photoshop ended up being more interesting than I expected...

Saved the best for last... "Rubi" is now available on the workshop. @FOR-JAKARTA 😉

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No standalone link, just the Workshop link.

Don't forget to rate up if you like it! 🙂

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I've deleted my Mudrunner folder and now reinstalling Mudrunner to give it a good, clean reinstall. I'll resub to the map to see if that fixes the version issue and I can play. I'll edit this if successful!

@Mexican_420 , just download it bro but it looks awesome .. good job bro ! 🙂

All good now! Love how it feels, almost wanna get out and walk through it.

Another map up, see OP for link. 🙂

@mexican_420 said in Map release:

Another map up, see OP for link. 🙂

hi mex. what does OP refer to? rufus

Chapter 3... lol

This is the last of my completed maps (see OP for workshop link), but I've got another one in the works. Thinking this next one might be a while getting out though, I didn't have a whole lot done on it when I started making trucks, but hopefully I'll get back into the mapping groove and smash it out soon enough...
Enjoy, folks! 🗺

You take a well needed rest after all this 🙂

Shameless bump. Just tweaked my Rubi map a bit if anyone's interested in giving it another go...