GreedFall Gold Edition and The De Vespe Conspiracy DLC are out now!

GreedFall Gold Edition and The de Vespe Conspiracy DLC are out now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC! 🧭

Dive into GreedFall's most complete edition now in our Gold Edition trailer:

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GreedFall: Gold Edition is the definite way to experience GreedFall's mysterious world and stories, with a DLC bringing new enemies and gear with a twisting narrative!

  • Now, you can play the game in 4K resolution, with highly improved visuals, fast loading and 60 FPS in performance mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game can be upgraded for free, with a save migration.

  • GreedFall Gold Edition also includes a brand new DLC: The De Vespe Conspiracy, now out on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. For base game owners, the DLC can be bought separately from the Gold Edition.


Expanding on GreedFall's world and story, The De Vespe Conspiracy invites you to set foot on a previously undiscovered region of Teer Fradee and tackle a brand new intrigue:

  • Navigate a web of lies, manipulation and secrets, as you unravel a nefarious conspiracy that threatens the balance of power.

  • Explore an uncharted region of the island, battle strange new beasts and face off against a villainous new enemy in your hunt to uncover the truth.

How do I start the DLC?
Once you’ve purchased the DLC or if you own Greedfall Gold Edition, you have to unlock the quests "Searching for Constantin" and "On the high king's trail" in your journal in the base game.
You then have to reach any camp from the game and look for a letter you can interact with. Reading this letter is the first action to start the DLC’s content.

Can I start the DLC with an end-game save?
It is possible to start the DLC with an end-game save. When doing so and if you’ve already finished the game or the last mission, you will have to launch your last Story autosave and you will have access to the DLC.

See you soon on Teer Fradee! ⛵

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Since the X-series update there are no more interfaces or menus

The Series X update seems to have broken the game by removing all menus (literally just blank screens) and causing severe pop in.

Super disappointing knowing how much work you all put into this, especially with everything going on. How was this able to pass through QA checks?

Looking forward to the patch that fixes this.