I like this game, I really do. There heaps that could be better but I still enjoy it.

But this no objectives on objective missions is a real deal breaker.

I managed to get the weapon creates to eventually appear in chapter 13 and it’s been good since then. Just played an operation mission and none of the objectives showed up. I can’t hit reload on these games so I just have to suck up being screwed over by a defective game.

You guys really need to address this in the PS4. Honestly the game play after the story is pretty grinding you have to really enjoy the game to keep going and this frustrating bug that costs you un-reloadable games is definitely a deal breaker. It makes it a lucky dip as to whether or not it’s even playable.

PS4 latest version. In the gang area playing my second operation, second mission in. Was to collect night bane and seeds. No idea which map as I can’t reselect old missions (another annoying quirk). But it was a three layer deal, symmetrical design with two main elevators and the objectives inside a barricaded camp in the middle on the bottom floor.

I have screen shots on my PS4, I can try to get them over if anyone actually care to fix this.

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