How to unlock Insurgent Slippers!!!

Hi everyone! on my lastest matches (the last two to be more accurate) I saw some Insurgents wearing some sort of loose trousers ("babuchas" we call them here in Argentina). The thing is i couldn´t find those on the customization section of the game. Does anyone know how to unlock this item? I uploaded a picture of what i mean so you can understand better. Thanks a lot!!!!untitled.jpg

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I'm also wondering how to unlock this item. Thanks for your request.

Thanks for your support here my friend. I´ve not succeeded on the task so far and everytime i ask other players i encounter playing around they just won´t tell me, so i´m still in the dark. If you have better luck please share. Best regards!!!

Hi, also find out how to unlock it.

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Yeah, they have an option for a trade price, like the special vehicles. If you finished the heist, you can pay the trade price, which used to be the regular price, or you can pay more if you haven't done the heist. spice money b2b myfiosgateway login

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