Common info:
Platform: PC
Game version: build 884 (latest for 15.06.2021)
Game mode: Skirmish vs AI, deadly difficulty
DxDiag: DxDiag.txt
Note: I don't have save files/screenshots for all the cases. I'll try to update this post with more data as soon as I encounter the bugs again or if requested.

List of bugs:
#1. After crash/save-load fighters get incorrect amount of expierence.
Occurrence: 100%
Repro steps:

  1. Close game during AI skirmish
  2. Relaunch and load save (via Continue)
  3. Finish mission
    Actual result: All fighters get minimal exp for mission and kills
    Attachments (state of game just before mission completion, after 2 crashes during mission):
    Necromunda.log (I don't know exact save, it's VanSaar gang, retriaval water mission)
    Screenshot after mission:

#2. After being ressurected with adrenaline shot fighters lose their level-up bonuses.
Occurrence: 100%
Repro steps:

  1. Lose a fighter
  2. Apply adrenaline shot to him/her
    Actual result: after resurrection, the fighter will have max costs for all their common tactical actions (jump, carry, entrenched, kneel etc), as if he/she is level 0.

#3. Cannot use consumables during battle.
Occurrence: varied, see below
Repro steps:

  1. Have a consumable.
  2. Try to apply it via offensive/tactical action.
    Actual result: it's not possible, there is no corresponding action (even with "show inactive actions" turned on)
    Occurrence: 100% for weapon cleansing kit and coagulant, ~10% for grenades.

#4. Servo-tech ritual reload skill effect does not correspond to description.
Occurrence: 100% for Esher and Van Saar gangs.
It gives a discount for both shoot and shock attack actions, while description says it should discount only one.
Attachments: - after reload - after using servo - shock attack

#5. Saboteur chain reaction skill does not correspond to description.
Occurrence: 100% for Esher gang
It gives a discount for 3 or 4 consumable grenades, while description says it should discount only one.
It also works for all tactical canisters, like scare gas canister, confusion gas. (Not sure if this part is actually a bug, the description of this items have "hazard zone" keyword, while for other like glowspore bomb it says "explosive").

#6. Incorrect DoT damage for Needle Rifle V
Occurrence: 100% (2/2 so far)
Damage listed on weapon card: 83
Actual damage: 40, in both enemy buffs/debuffs panel and on poisoned enemy turn.

#7. Grenade description does not correspond to effect.
Occurrence: 100%
The grenade effect description differs in inventory and in offensive actions menu.
Here are some examples (notice area of effect and additional effect: bleed, armor shred):

  1. ,
  2. ,

#8. Cannot disengage enemy fighter
Occurrence: 1 time
Repro steps:

  1. Got hit by the ambush attack
  2. Enemy fighter was hit by mine from battlefield during ambush move
  3. Got stunned, recover
    Actual result: cannot disengage, the game says "no valid target"

List of issues:
(May be not actual bugs, but various sharp corners I encountered)

  1. AI is very often attacking with bare hands: either after picking up objective item, in melee-only brawl or after you kill and loot them on few missions before. AI is not good, so always arming them with some backup weapon would at least add a bit more challenge.
  2. Almost all objective items for same map have same or very similar map icons, even with different cost (barrels of grog, mushrooms, weapon prototypes and weapon parts, etc). This is very annoying, since only way to know the cost is to use map or pick up.
  3. During enemy headquarter assault, it is impossible to check items resource value (except pick them up). With usually many types of different items, this is also very annoying.
  4. There is no in-game description what "weapon stability" is.
  5. DoT damage lacking descriptions as well: duration for needle rifle and bleed, damage and max stacks for bleed (e.g. from chainsword/frag grenade)
  6. Gang customization and separate fighter customization have different ways to apply changes: "Apply changes" for gang and pop-up during exit for fighter. This is misleading.
  7. There is no preview for where exactly will hazard zone will be created after sabotaging control stations, and it's not obvious sometimes (I''ll try to illustrate with screenshots, but preview would be nice anyway 🙂 )
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