What do you guys do to increase difficulty/improve experience?


This post is ABSOLUTELY NOT a list of suggestions for developers.

I just want to share with people what I do to increase difficulty for myself, and improve my experience of the game. Note that I don't always follow all these rules, specifically in very challenging maps. But in most cases, I do. 🙂

  1. I talked about it in an old post : everytime I need to toggle on/off AWD or the diff lock, I stop the vehicule. In my opinion, most trucks in the game are old trucks and don't have fancy electronic that can switch these on and off while the truck is rolling.
    Note that this is why I don't like that in hardcore mode, driving with diff locked on hard surfaces damages the truck ! Because I don't toggle the diff lock on/off while driving when the "red locks" appear...

  2. Winch : I only use winch on trucks that obviously have one, and only from the point where the winch is located (in most cases: the front bumper only). Otherwise, I consider it as a simple "cable". So trucks that do not have a winch can't winch themself out, but they can pull other trucks (not with the winch power, only by driving forward or rearward).

  3. A truck that is completely ruined (I'm sure it happened to everybody, and sometimes map creators put ruined trucks on the map) can only be repaired in a garage. No utility attachment can fix it. So the only solution is to pull the damaged truck to the closest garage!

  4. A truck that is damaged "in the red zone" (but not totally ruined) can only be used again after being repaired by another truck carrying a utility attachment or utility trailer. A simple spare wheel will not do the trick (even if it would put the damage level in the "white zone"). Note that for short distances, I will take the liberty to drive the damaged truck (for example to get the truck out of trouble, or if a garage is really close).

  5. Trucks that stalled in deep water cannot be started again in water (so it stays in deep water unless I get another truck to get it out!). Most of the times, I consider that it needs to be repaired by a utility attachment (even if damages are not in the "red zone"), before being able to be started again.

  6. Sometimes, the truck is almost stuck in deep mud, but if you go in very low gear and if you are very patient, you can get the truck to move forward (or backward) very slowly (and get unstuck). Well, in that specific case, even if I could get the truck unstuck by waiting (thank you cruise control), I consider that it is completely stuck. So it means winch (if possible) or another truck to pull it out. I do that because I find that I don't get trucks completely stuck very often... Maybe because I try to avoid mod maps that have too much deep mud (I said "too much deep mud", and not "mud too deep" 🙂 ). In my opinion, too much deep mud makes the map boring, but that's out of topic. 😁

I have ZERO experience with driving huge russian trucks in siberia so these rules are only based on what I believe is realistic. Maybe I'm all wrong ! 😁

Let me know if you have rules of your own ! 🙂

Again, this is NOT a list of suggestions for developers 😉

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Nice list!

1 - I suspect you're correct in that you cannot switch lockers or AWD in or out on the fly, but I'm not familiar with Russian trucks old or new..
In hardcore mode I do like the fact that damage occurs with locked diffs on hard surfaces. Transmission wind-up will do that if you forget to unlock them.

2 - winches may not always be located on the front bumper, some may be buried more in the middle of the chassis AND have more than one cable pay-out. For example the AEC Militant (British post war 6x6) had a centrally mounted winch. Regarding winch points - by clever use of snatch blocks and other pulleys etc. I suspect that it is feasible to winch from and to several points on a vehicle. At least in Mud Runner you don't have to stand around scratching one's chin whilst you and a few mates take an hour to decide how & where to winch a stuck vehicle, just point & click 😊

3 - I may have to try that. I mean I've got the achievement for towing a damaged vehicle to a garage, but not done such a recovery in game as it were. A counter argument could be that a completely ruined truck is just immobilised. After all, it still rolls along when towed, it's not missing an axle etc. It could be immobilised by say, losing the transfer gearbox, not a blown engine (although in-game graphics depict it). Some of the repair attachments look like a complete repair shop on wheels so it's feasible that they have the correct parts to fix the truck - they work for the same lumber company after all!! 😇

4 - I like that idea.

5 - When you mean stalled, do you mean a stall from using 1+ and not changing gear soon enough? Or do you mean if it gets tipped over?

6- If it moves then it's not stuck is my rule. LOL Very low gear is a valid tactic, but that's my opinion and these are your rules.

Short story long - I suppose I don't have any extra rules for increasing difficulty, I even drive with the lights on at night. 🕶
Depending upon my mood, I may take a truck with a crane attachment or get a K700 to a kiosk to load logs. Not necessarily more difficult, just a different method which can take longer.

Nice ideas!

Stuff like this is what I'm also thinking about to get more time out of the game and improve longevity. I found that working to complete the achievements was actually really nice because it also gives you a few ideas to expand upon and also a few really nice backgrounds 😉

Things I've done depending what mood I'm in:

Find new routes and see what I can get away with, even if it means borking a vehicle and having to restart. It's too easy to find one route and then stick to it every time.

Try to avoid any game completion shortcuts, so first step always to unlock all vehicles and bring them back to base, unlock all watchpoints, then look for an efficient (or really convoluted) route and maybe pre-seed with fuel tankers etc and then blitz in an efficient run. Of course you can try the opposite too, do in as few trips as possible, as little time etc. but more often, than not, I try to get more time out of it than make each game shorter.

What I found really changed my game was the 'don't use map screen' challenge. Not for the loss of navigation, which was a challenge too of course, but the inability to 'fast switch' between vehicles. If you are limited to only switching to a vehicle within the on screen 'switch truck' range, you have to totally rethink your strategy about what trucks you use, how you set them up, what you bring with you etc. I've actually stuck a sticker over the start button to remind me to keep my thumb off lol.

Hardcore, one star on all maps, then same with no maps, then add no kit changes. I'm quite prepared to not be able to finish a game. It's like a diesel version of 'patience'.

Another one is to stay away from your favourite vehicles, Again the B-130 achievement taught me to appreciate it. Were it not for the achieveent I would never have struggled with it and got to appreciate it's cuteness.

will agree with all above, but notice one thing not mentioned. load type. imo, the med trailer loads are the most challenging. they are bit more difficult to back up since they "steer" faster if you will than the longs trailers. also they have a "loose" pintle hook type connection which has a slight twist to it. the load is what helps hold it straight. now the long trailer can pivot up/down/side to side, but does not twist if you look. can make for some fun times with uneven terrain with the medium trailers. lol

also if achievements are no concern then there are some challenging user made mod maps out there and more coming soon i can say.

Original Spintires mod map Cahaba Valley. made all deliveriers without losing a single load. lol

alt text

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Hehe thank you for your replies!

@difflock66 I didn't know about the center winch! Good to know!

When I say stalling in water, I mean a truck so deep in water that the engine stalled (engine flooded). Usually I'm very careful when I cross a river, but sometimes I just go full throttle in rivers that look narrow so not too challenging, and it has played me some tricks once or twice. 😁

@zoglet, sometimes I also take all the trucks back to base. Not all the time though.

Your rule about not jumping in truck through the map menu, is also a good idea! However, in single player, you really need to be careful not to tip your truck over, get it stuck, ruin it, or out if fuel! 🙂