Hi. I'm new here!

Came from Mordheim into this. Been loving the playstyle so far - it is far smoother than early access Mordheim was. I'm sure you had your troubles at launch but which game doesn't nowdays? Only nintendo seem to manage well in this regard.

Either way - I am so looking forward to new content and the possibility to have more than 5 gangmembers ^^
I kinda miss the strong variation you could have in Mordheim here, but I am sure you are working on new stuff as it is already.

Take care and keep yourself healthy!

So my first adventure into this game was a few campaign missions, after that I felt I was a proffessional! 😉
Thus I created my own Gang with the leader being Solon Orlock, a distant relative to the guild leader. Meaning.. I play the orlock gang at this moment! Have not even checked the others out yet ^^

After 27hrs (campaign included) My leader is rank 9 which feels really odd since the progression in Mordheim is far slower, harder and more challenging compared to this game. I have to admit there are more useful skills in this game than in Mordheim. Still... I wish there was a little more to it than the operations on their own. What is the endgame goal? When would I feel I had done all I could? In mordheim there was a clear goal for me - beat the super-hard story missions which forced me to bring my A game to survive. And even then I usually had a few casualties at the end of the mission.

The one thing I really like with Necromunda is the deployment - there is always a deployment session before game start - in Mordheim you could be screwed with random starting positions - having your ranged units begin in the face of the enemy impressive or something stupid like that.
At least with nothing frustrating like that happening, I have to admit I love the guns roar - they feel geniune and true to lore.

I sure am sitting on my chair right now - furiously thinking I would love some more content added for endgame and more slots for gangmembers to add into the field. I'm used to bring at least 9 dudes goshdangit!

Reporting my continuing progress;
Had my first archeotech battle yesterday and how-wee! Spank my brass balls my dear lady luck and say my name. I have to say that was a savage battle!

All four gangs in one place made for one hell of a looting run once the carnage was over. Also had my leader down for the first time since I've started (second time was today when I tried a Hard sector, damn u heavy!) which did hurt me a little but I did manage to steal most of the better pieces on the ground and the tech.

I have not faced a player yet as I have no idea how multiplayer works and it seems the population is a bit small for it at this point in time. Basing my guess on the feedback I've read it probably need some tweaking and dedicated support before I will go into that place. After all... this game is far from the potential it could reach - but so was Mordheim at the start too! Here's hoping it will get the love and care it deserves.

So my leader is rank X now. And I am wondering what more is there to explore in this game now that I am about to reach the very pinnacle of my progress.
Also noticed this forum seem to be quite dead at the moment - what is going on here?

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Yeah umm...the bugs and lack of mainstream hype for this game kinda killed it dead from the start. It's a real shame, since after several rounds of fixes the overall product became pretty solid and it's a very enjoyable plus super accurate adaptation of the board game. I doubt we will ever see the release of a Delaque gang, let alone any further factions, but on the plus side the Necromunda: Hired Gun is a surprisingly great FPS and I believe most players have simply moved on to that instead.

Sorry you missed the party, but to be honest it wasn't a very big party even at its peak.