donation offer

i would like to offer a donation of your choice in exchange for custom map model (packs).
_ _
_ _ i will never publish a map, My maps are not of the quality that i would like to present. IF it ever comes to my considering to publish, any and all donated models will go thru the proper release authorization.
_ _ i don't have a lot to offer, but feel obligated to offer something for the artist's knowledge, time and efforts. I think that all my contacts are in the profile area, need be.
_ _ thank you all in advance.. Rufus

You can feel free to use any models from anybody's maps people have been doing it since the dawn of this game I do it, But before I release a map to the public (if I cant get permission for the models) I simply change out the custom models for the stock models , But if you plan to make maps for your own personal enjoyment use whatever you want for models man.

I'm with @SmarOneNine on this one. If nobody ever sees the map but you, use whatever models and stuff you like. I haven't released any of my maps either, but the few folks who I have sent the files to have also been told that they're welcome to use any of my assets for whatever they want including publishing maps. If I can add a little something to make the game experience a bit richer for everyone, I'm not gonna be all butthurt about people using my stuff to do it.

Feel free to use any my map models! 👍

i want to thank you again for the permission to use you models. and hopefully i'll be satisfied enough with some of my maps to share some with everyone! RUFUS

From the artist's perspective a work is never truly finished... 😉
Pumped to see what you come up with dude! Happy to help the community grow wherever possible. 👍

yep, if it is for your own personal use then i do not think anyone will care if you use their stuff like stated above. it is if someone decides to release to the public that creators want people to ask permission for and/or would like credit. as you know different creators will give different responses to people using their stuff though.