Hi everyone!

This message is for Focus: you gave us an excellent game, with very good technical support, 2 new gangs and then ... nothing. Total silence.

In your last post (which goes back more than 2 months), you wrote: "we’ll be back soon with more Necromunda news!" "Soon"?
So my question is: are you done with this great game? In advance, thank you for your answer.

Salut tout le monde !

Ce message s'adresse à Focus : vous nous avez gratifiés d'un excellent jeu, avec un très bon suivi technique, 2 nouveaux gangs puis... plus rien. Le mutisme total.

Dans votre dernier message (qui remonte à plus de 2 mois), vous aviez écrit : "nous reviendrons bientôt avec plus de nouvelles de Necromunda !" "Bientôt" ?
Ma question est donc : en avez-vous fini avec ce grand jeu ? Merci par avance pour votre réponse.

I am also curious and very hopeful they will continue supporting this game with new additions. I would love myself some pets (cyber dogs) to send to their deaths ^^

But for me the most important thing I would love added is more gangmembers in your gang. 5 feels very limited, I understand it is something that will prob be added on later as you add more classes into the game - I mean mordheim had a ton of them! Impressives were cool in mordheim, would love them here too ^^

But since this is your early access launch from what I understand - I know there is a lot more to come! 😃