PTS Update 14.1 (27/05/2021)

Greetings SnowRunners!

We have updated the PTS. As always, we encourage you to share your feedback in the comments. 🙂

The changes are the following:

  • Fixed controls conflicts in control schemes B and D
  • Fixed a bug where PC the 'Log Trailer' mounting fell under the terrain after detaching
  • Added additional crane sockets for Khan Sentinel
  • Fixed a bug where metal detector sounds were not working in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where the truck engine was disabled immediately when the player changed the truck

I admit I haven't logged in the 14.1 to test it yet but please don't forget that the custom suspension option for the Sentinel was already available for purchase. It shouldn't since we find the upgrade on Chernokamensk.

how about the ability to load medium logs at trucks that can pull the medium log trailer?

Unable to play co-op game. When I'm hosting server only one friend can join, other two - can't. Doesn't matter who join first - other two can't join. Same issue if somebody else hosting the game.

@iEnemY Hello,
Reach us at, in the letter mention your and failed to connect guest's KSIVA codes.
Every player can find the KSIVA at the bottom of the screen.
Also mention exact time of the connection attempt, note that you are on the PTS server.

The last update to pts, removed the tatra truck. Both from my storage, and the truck store. However still missing the in game credits from buying the truck.

Cosmodrome Map Fps Drop
Please Update

Only thing i've noticed is that it crashes a whole lot.

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nice update Pls add trailer brakes and cargo stacking. to make it even harder not to tip over my truck

A bug that I noticed with this PTS version is that modded retained vehicles does not show up in proving ground maps, only in-game trucks are showing, This was not the case before.

ever time i try to start the game and go to load the save game it start to load but it then it crashes

@jon-luchtefeld I don't currently have it either (PTS 14.1)
Is it only included in the year 2 pass?

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