What is possible in the engine at this time? A discussion and requests.

We know what was promised in the kickstarter for the original Spintires here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/358753914/spintires-the-ultimate-off-road-challenge

A bit further down.

I would appreciate if the devs/publishers/community managers etc to chime in and tell us what exactly is feasible within engine limits at this time?

What would YOU like to see in the game, within the possibilites.

Obviously this would need to cater for both PC and Console users.

  1. Tyre pressure changing, could be a big one for crawling especially on the rocks.
  2. Maybe a money system for upgrades/purchasing trucks.
  3. Tyre changing? We had that in the original, what happened to that?

Now I am no means an expert in game design, nor coding. That is way above my head. I can make models and maps that is it.

The short answer: so much more than we're getting.

changing wheels and mirrors

Selectable paintjobs as done as was with tires in ST: because these multicolored rows of same kind of shit is getting annoying.

Snow maps (and just weather in general) and cool treaded vehicles are always my goto wishes for this game! 🙂

i agree, It does seem that the ability to 'customize' gameplay is considerably less. and Editor support also seems to be an non-existent issue. (actually I don't know if the Editor is Focus or Steam's program, If someone does know, i'd be interested in knowing). Rufus

Editor isn't Steam, it's Saber/Focus. 🙂

If any of the team etc sees this, can you weigh in please? I would like to know it's being acknowledged

Even in Top Gear 2 on the Amiga 1200 which I have you can change paint jobs, tires etc. And that's from the 80's!.

customizable paintjobs (as in select your own color) would require a different way how the game handles textures, but i think it should be possible to implement some basic system which lets you select at least different textures (as in user pre-made paintjobs) instead of having 6x the same vehicle where just the name of the texture is changed

Could it be as easy as including the texture file(s) for each paintjob, then allowing to switch textures via the garage menu like the wheelsets in Oldtires?

@mexican_420 paint as an attachment? why not?

btw, maybe you can still do multiple wheel sets, just have to figure out the way it is done. unless @Pavel would care to explain as mentioned in this thread here.

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For the painting part, I have found using the Viewport Canvas in 3DS Max a breeze to use. So that could potentially be used as a "selection" of paint jobs.