PS4 can't save/load, cant use DLC

I can't save offline and load my save. I've downloaded the update as well as the valley DLC that doesn't work. Literally I can't even play a game I bought brand new with a brand new console. Everything on my system is up to date. This is infuriating, it's not like these things are cheap, and yet they don't work.

Have you restarted your PS4? Are you getting any errors when attempting to load the savegame?
I'm a PC player, but I'll try to help ya out if I can... 🙂

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Yea i get an error code but i didnt write it down. I appreciate you taking time to help a fellow gamer

Hi there!

Would it be possible for you to screenshot the error you receive for us? It's difficult for us to help without that.

I had to delete all save data except the dlc, started over completely and now it all works properly.

Sorry to hear you had to sacrifice your saves, but glad to hear it's working for you now!