MudRunner - More Hardcore Mode


It's now been six months since MudRunner launched, and this month, we're announcing a brand new feature for MudRunner in celebration of all our dedicated players and fans!

We're very happy today to announce a new mode for MudRunner. This mode, More Hardcore Mode, will make playing the game much harder, and drastically ramp up the difficulty.


How does this work? You'll now find areas of the map have now been transformed into treacherous quicksand! These spots are randomised, and careful planning will be needed to make sure you don't get caught and dragged down. You will need to master your winch, and your ability to crawl, to test ground and make sure it won't trap your wheels.

Quicksand is deadly even in multiplayer, with the force of the sand being able to drag multiple winched trucks deep into the ground. To survive, be sure to stop moving, and winch your friends and yourself to safety with as little motion as possible. If your vehicle is dragged deep enough down, it will be disabled for the rest of the map.

You can drag a vehicle out, if you try hard enough, but it will require your full team of MudRunners to work together as a unit, and the vehicle will be disabled until you can get repair points to it as well.

Best of luck out there, it's a dangerous time to be mudding!

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SHIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET.. hmm sorry for swearing but i was literally praying everyday to holy spirits of libertalia for this feature

Thank You so much

edit: is it gonna be added today? wait is this aprils fools joke..

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Wow! From the first April everyone! ☺ 👍 👏

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Great day 😂:smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat:

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Yep, on a more serious note, this could be feasible with LUA Scripts.

@Digital-X yup you are absolutly correct and myself and Templar gfx has alraedy done this...i have to ask is it that hard to add new game play mechanics to this game except logging and know making the mud simply deeper on random spots of the map...not really much of a improvement to be honest more of useless features just being throwin in to make players some what happy which moding community can do ie new weather build myself and templar gfx released which is not only weather compltely new water sfx and dirt mechanics and better dynamic this rate it be years before we see an actual new game play mechanic except hauling logs

Im getting oovee flash backs again and spintires and what seemed a simple milk the game along and not go any were with it the new USA branch coming..seriously people want game features and new game play not more maps and vehicles when theres tons of that for free as it is 😉

How about dx11 64 bit support(which we were promised by pavel before game release and up to release day this was being whole spintires thing again promising stuff and never delivering or building hype to increase sales through promises of certain features...again broken promises )......with more than 2 lousy gigs of ram use on the exe,game is so generic how about some life like animals,smoke coming outa chimneys lights come on at night in buildings make the game feel alive...we get deeper mud instead which i can do and so can Templar GFX this pic...actual terrain digging which i did myself

alt text

alt text

Anything can be done with this engine which kills me that nothing is being done to add more game play or even new game features like this

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Here we can have fully destructible vehicles...break a shaft falls off the vehicle ur sitting like this pic when i originaly created and did this ...i have the front fenders from king tiger able to take so much damage then will break off the tank..the front fenders have powered feature to them were you can flip them up to check ur tracks... they break off that is also gone from advanced menu...

Idea was to make trucks more realistic were you can break a wheel off,drive shafts,mirrors,fenders and bumpers you name it this can be done too and same with trailers and addons themselves

alt text

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Hope this isn't a joke! Not funny! If it's real, then I'm stoked! And thanks for the additional content!

i feel like if it wasnt joke they would have replied by now 😞

meh..more idiotic mud physics to inflate difficulty in a fake manner.
you think this is what difficulty is about?
it should be a skill based differentiation, knowing how to use vehicles, not inventing hidden traps
you seem to go in the wrong way to "improve" this game

It's an April Fool's joke, grouch. Jeez...
Lighten up would ya?

@mexican_420 If it's an April Fools joke then they need to confirm that. If it really is, then shame on them because that's just a big F U to us gamers. It's not funny.

I think it's funny. Well played guys. 🙂

@mexican_420 What's funny about teasing gamers? You're sense of humor is a joke.

@mexican_420 I'm not some keyboard warrior who's going to have an argument with you. If you're not a developer, you're wasting my time. I was just stating how most people probably feel. Sorry if you're some weird oddball person who likes to be teased about their investments, I can't help you there.

Alright snowflake. I'll bury this if you will too.

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@mexican_420 Now you're throwing petty name calling into the mix huh? Congratulations 😂

Silly 6 year olds....