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On consoles, aim assist is added to video games to make them more appealing to the casual playerbase, which decreases the skill gap and causes them to be less enjoyable for people who actually try to get better at playing them.

I don't want the first Insurgency title on console to be just another casual video game, so could you please not add any kind of aim assist to Sandstorm on PS4 and XB1? No slow down, no auto rotation, no target magnetism, no anything.

I look forward to playing Sandstorm on PS4.

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By the way, aim assist in PVE is not a problem - I'm only talking about PVP in this thread.

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Yes I hope so. Having aim assist would ruin the mechanics of sandstorm. The most recent pvp it ruined was Breakpoint. There really is no need for aim assist. I believed PUBG did not use it and that game was very popular on console. Also due to the fast time to kill of sandstorm there is no need for aim assist. Eliminating aim assist will help this game stand out on console.

I’ve been playing my custom steam config since I got this game and recoil and everything is very manageable without any kind of assist! 🙂

I agree it would be a better and more skillful game if they leave those things out of it. Would fit it’s identity much better and I think the console audience that’s waiting for a hardcore shooter for long time would appreciate this alot!

I hope so as well although I can't see them doing this. They already added the death cam to keep the game appealing to new players, I can't see them making it "free aim" and risk putting off those same people who they are trying to attract.

The best we can hope for IMO is that the AA will be subdued or perhaps free aim will be offered in separate modes like "hardcore".

As for PvE, it is a problem for me personally if they do not allow free aim as an option. .....at the very least, they should (again) add it as an option for those of us who want to play this mode without AA.

.....so I hope free aim is at least included somehow in both PvP and PvE.

@Kean_1 said in [Console] No aim assist in PVP:

perhaps free aim will be offered in separate modes like "hardcore".

Separate modes for basic stuff like this would atomise the playerbase.

Free aim is the only way to go for a skill-based FPS when it comes to PVP, else the game would favour whomever exploits assists the best.

I'm not too sure they will leave out aim-assist.

Since they have improved the controller support last year, they also entirely removed the sway on all weapons and scopes for controllers, the focus button is pretty much entirely redundant...

Not sure if they want console players to have an actual hardcore and skill-based experience.. I mean call of duty even has sway on scopes since the first iterations..

(maybe it's only the case for pc to compete with kb/mouse though)

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