Playing on PC, bought from steam, using microsoft controller in scheme D. Decent comp specs- ryzen9 3900x, rx5700xt

When entering functions menu on incline you can not hold brake so your vehicle will roll break. So u have to engage park break.

Issue for me is the scheme D for controller, because the park brake release and winch disengage is shared by same button. I can not disengage park brake without cancelling winch connection first. This is a major problem when your on an incline going up hill, as your vehicle will roll back and ruin any progress moving forward. I like playing in scheme D cause its most similar to mudrunner which I just migrated playing from. This forces me to have to change the scheme in setting every time I have to manually winch up hill somewhere. Maybe swap buttons of horn and park brake for that scheme? Or make park brake auto disenable when pressing throttle/gas. Even better would be if you're able to hold brake while in functions menu.

Also your manual winching point selection is horrendous. It takes forever to go through points to select the one you want. Mud runner had much more intuitive winch point selection. I don't know why you cant make it same. Auto winch could use improvement too, to snap connect to furthers point in general direction your going rather than closest point. But I'd imagine you would want people to make more use of manual winching to make game more engageable. Which is even more reasons why you need to improve manual winching, make it more intuitive, and please find a fix for me in this controller scheme D for me.