Some big & small suggestions

Hello, I know this is my first post but so far I have enjoyed playing mudrunner but I think the game has more potential.

User Experience:

  • Let players change mouse icon style, at 4K resolution the current icon is so small and black you will have difficulty to spot it.
  • "Release winch" quick key

Game modes:

  • To give players a bit more to chew on give players option to turn on money that you need to use to buy truck attachments, fuel. You get more money by delivering logs to mills. There is possibility to make a new career mode with this where you start with just a B-130.
  • Delivering same size logs to same saw will result lower pay, forces players to deliver other type logs as well or to different saw.
  • going to next map you bring previous map's money & trucks with you.
  • no spawned usable trucks. (perhaps just only buying ones that are totally broken out with discount?)
  • time trials (challenges)

New mechanics:

  • Tire pressure control, some trucks have internal cabin tire pressure control but currently game doesn't support it.
  • Only manual log loading (you truly have to load all logs one by one instead 4, 3 or 2 and clicking a button to "load them")
  • "Tire pressure": this game still can't get decently tweaked vanilla wheels in the first place.

  • "Manual log loading": It would be that way, but people that good at manual loading are in minority as I observed. Also maximum spawned logs are limited to about 13 - creator tries to keep games requirements as low as possible and buggy physics engine may go haywire with that much of logs.

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Not a bad idea but my two pennies worth. Although the physics engine is excellent, I suspect it's still simulated, so it might be hard to achieve ALL 'real world' effects of changing tyre pressure, at least to a point that's noticeable. ie you could perhaps increase the contact patch area, or perhaps 'stickiness factor' but what about sidewalls in the mud, or declogging of tread, or affecting the overall stability (wobbliness) of the truck through tyre wall flex? A lot of work for probably not sooo much benefit, although maybe anythingthat stops the B-130 getting stuck in the mud unladen is worth considering. Perhaps a 'shovel' option. XD

If players get off on loading, they can load all day long without any impact lol, it's still only the three or four that count. Saying that, I guess it would be relatively easy to request some sliders or text boxes in a 'game options' menu to allow these numbers to be increased, ie number of garage points to unlock, number of log points to unlock and the value of each log type etc.

  • release winch quick key - I totally agree and am also missing that
  • no spawned usable trucks - you mean trucks that are scattered across the map or the ones you start with? I wouldn't mind (to increase difficulty) finding a truck on a map that has no fuel or is totally broken. I haven't found a truck yet, that I couldn't drive right away. Even if it was "badly" damaged, it had some repair addons attached.
  • time trails - i'm not a fan of time trials, I like the game because it doesn't have time limitations and I find it very relaxing because I can take my time 🙂 but I understand different people like different challanges
  • campaign, money & buying addons - I love this idea to start with nothing and slowly progress. And to be clear, I don't need any fancy storyline for the campaing, just a progression system would be super 😁
  • manual log loading - I also prefer and like manual logging and wouldn't mind if the minimum required logs would be increased, but not to load the 'full capacity' of the truck or trailer

Yeah, maybe that there's like these events on maps, maybe in small villages, where there's this truck trail, and loads of people around, banners everywhere, and there's like these clocks all around the trail, saying how much time you used, and if you beat your record, people cheer, and you can also tune your truck for different things, like if you really want to drive over rough terrain with your 6x6, you can alter the chassis height, and put like larger wheels on, and maybe make burstable tyres, that if you're driving a 4x4 or 6x6, and you drive on road, that there are specific spots where there are nails, and if you drive over them, your tyres burst, and you have can like put tyre racks on your vehicle, if more than one tyre bursts. And, maybe, the more broken your vehicle is, the higher is the chance of your tyres bursting.

quick release key for KB controls would be a great addition for sure.

this new "scavenging gameplay" coming soon will be fun. it always was before they took it out.

the biggest problem is part of what people are wanting to add to the game i seriously doubt the game engine could do it. which is the downfall to this game. it is old and outdated for what it really needs to have.

seriously though it all sounds nice and good and i like the ideas floating around, but honestly i would just be happy to have working brakes again when using force accel (cruise control) with the bigger trucks. it worked before, but now it is broken since MR released and they (focus and devs) seem to not care to look into something that should be a quick easy fix, but what do i know i am not a game developer or game company. till then i shall have to do as everyone does, just sit and wait to see what happens.

@8up-local said in Some big & small suggestions:

this new "scavenging gameplay" coming soon will be fun. it always was before they took it out.

What do you mean?🤔

@bluebirde this scavenging is not new actually. in the old version (Spintires) they did this and there was an achievement for it even. it is random logs placed around a map and you must go find them, pack them and then deliver them. look at the achievement list for Spintires and you will see "SCAVENGER
Deliver 20 load points with Logs found outside a Lumber location." they removed this from Spintires after a year or two and now we are getting this for MudRunner "Completing The Ridge requires players to utilize a new type of delivery gameplay called Scavenging. Logs are now scattered across the map, and players will have to find them at various locations in the wild to complete deliveries and earn unlock points." hardly "new" by my book, but techniclly it is "new" for MudRunner though. lol

Hi all!

Thank you for this, we're going to pass all your suggestions along to the team.

@8up-local I guess that in similar way someday we will get back option to change tires ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Of course, as a brand new content..

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I didnt think about that. And yes i dont see it as brand new but random spawns should be nice.

the QR winch is a big want for me..
_with a lot of the great suggestions here wouldn't a 64bit, platform be the most logical choice? for one of the first [upgrades] items on the list? and a stable 4gb use of memory? i would think that these major improvements must need more "computing power". Or at the least they will preform considerable better..?
_ when considering money, what about our eastern European and Russian friends, who use different systems of measurement, economics and such? it is my understanding that the Russian gamer's make up a Huge parts of the demographic of ST/MR. heck the inventor is Russian{i think, if not my apologies as to your heritage}.
_Also if any of these great ideas come to be,, should there be away to play as it is now? for the purist out there. thanks for listening Rufus