Spintires.nl updates?

Why is spintires.nl so lackadaisical about uploading stuff. Hein was on it when he ran it, now were getting two posts a month? I posted two maps to be posted at the beginning of the month and nothing, same posts from the 14th who runs that. I think they should try and be more frequent with there posts....

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I'm not sure if this is something I'm not supposed to talk about or not. I can't see any reason why I shouldn't. So I will. Anyway...@Hazzard contacted me via PM here on March 23 asking if I'd be interested joining spintires.nl. I replied that I was definitely interested. But give me a couple days to think it over. I didn't want to commit to something unless I was absolutely sure I was ready to give it 100%. So 2 days later I sent him a PM saying that I made up my mind and I'd like to give it a shot. Gave him my email and said I'm ready to get to work ASAP. That was on March 25. Still haven't heard back from him yet.

He obviously needs some help over there. I mean, like you're saying, things are obviously not getting done in a timely fashion(or done at all). I submitted all of my MR mods on February 17. So...yeah. Same boat.

Hopefully he gets back to me soon. And/or hasn't changed his mind. I'm ready to start gettin' 'er done!

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I submitted my map to .nl almost 4 weeks ago, no response or upload.

@mudhappy here's hoping something happens....

@Hazzard is busy guy like a lot of us here. i can not speak for hazzard, but i just ask to the guy a bit more time. however if you are tired of waiting then there is nothing keeping anyone from uploading somewhere else. now i admit i prefer to get my maps from sites like NL because they actually check out the stuff being submitted, instead of just auto uploaded with no idea as to what all is actually being uploaded to the site like the vast majority of 3rd party sites out there. anyway, i know hazzard can get behind a bit sometimes, but what can a guy do?

Hey guys, I know I have been really slack lately with keeping the site up to date. But you have to realize that I'm really stretched for time. Therefore I'm trying to bring on some new guys to help run and manage the site.

Hopefully, the newly appointed MudHappy and the rest of the crew will continue to upload these maps at a faster rate.

I'm sorry to everyone whose maps are still in the moderation process.

@hazzard hey bud thanks for the response! It's more of a concern than a complaint. Just wanted to make that clear! 👍 Glad to hear it's being worked on.

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good to hear, I was also wondering what was going on