It seems clear to me that Focus and especially Tindalos have left both BFGA I and II to rot in hell. Focus Interactive has been active on Hood: Legends and Outlaws and the reception was mixed on steam. However, Jellyfoosh and others who are affiliated with Focus aren't responding to the playerbase, especially in regards to glitches and bugs.

What's more, Tindalos Interactive have gone completely silent, with no updates on their website or social media accounts. Their projects page is no longer found. For all I know, all members are either deceased or gone; the company may be dead and they haven't admitted it.

BFGAII had so much potential, and there was hope for more campaigns and updates. But the game died because Tindalos and/or Focus made the foolish mistake of removing the 2v2 ranked for a bad reason. They never even added the 2v2 vs AI and that would have helped the game's multiplayer. Now the game's multiplayer population is now within less than 100 at best per month. It probably won't even be worth the money to keep the multiplayer servers standing for either game so they may as well shut them down for good and take the money to the development company's grave.

And Games Workshop, would they approve if development was turned over to a different group? And would Focus do such a thing? Or all Focus people who cared for the game have either died or been laid off?