Vanishing Trucks in Hard Mode

Placed an Azov John (mod) fitted with a PC-320 heavy crane in position on lakes edge in vicinity of fuselage in Imandra for contract 'The Star in the Sky'. Logged out, came back a few hours later only to find vehicle had mysteriously disappeared.
Costing upwards of 191K is a sizeable chunk of one's bank balance.
Currently on KSIVA:p:76d18. Unfortunately didn't bother to take note of previous KSIVA.
Can this be rectified???

@Xenomethean Hello, please try to turn this mod off and then on again to see if it reappears.

Thanks for prompt reply. Surprisingly enough, it is still in place but not seen on the map and had to get close to it to change truck. Will try your remedy and see if it works.

@NetRunner Sorry to say, but that did not work.

@NetRunner Just logged out and back in but still not seen on map. Will take back to garage and retain and see what happens from there. KSIVA:p:02590

@NetRunner Took it back to base, replaced crane with sideboard bed, left garage and now it appears on map. Problem solved! Thanks again and we may as well delete this post.