Packing logs (log carriage + short log trailer) [PC]

First I'd just like to give kudos to the developers for making such an awesome game! I'm enjoying it very much! 🙂

So I was playing in hardcore mode (with controller) and noticed a bug when packing loaded logs.
When you have a log carriage and a short log trailer, you can pack the logs if the total sum of logs on truck and trailer is 4 or more. You can have 2 logs on truck and 2 logs on trailer and then pack either one (it also works 1/3).
After you pack one you can't pack the other, because only 2 logs are loaded but you can then unload the packed logs which turn into 4 loaded logs which means you can again pack the other 2 logs.

The type of truck doesn't matter I tried with 3 different trucks. I also tried with log carriage and medium log trailer and everything works as it should (no bug).

2 on truck
2 on trailer
pack the truck, can't pack the trailer
unload the truck, can pack the trailer
trailer packed
the same with other trucks and different number of logs

Perhaps it's a PC issue? I'm an XBOX One user. I've successfully loaded a 6 point combo in hardcore mode. Log carriage = 3 points & short trailer = 3 points. I loaded and packed the truck then did the same for the trailer..

I'm not sure what you mean. The problem I described is that you can cheat the packing with less logs on a truck and trailer combo.
If you only have a truck (short log carriage), you need 4 logs to pack it. With truck and trailer, you can have less logs on each as long as the total sum of logs on both is 4 or more.

Ah, I see what YOU mean now. Thanks. 🕶

Well, then, just don't cheat.