Hard Mode garage repair costs

I went through the different classes and totalled up what the average repair costs of all the components would be if you did in-the-field repairs (at $5 per pt, $50 per wheel), if they were completely wrecked (total damage, and all wheels broken), removing the top and bottom results from each class component average (so that the likes of the Tatarin doesn't sway the Scout class too much, etc)
This is just from the base-game trucks, no DLC ones.

I came to the following average :
Scout: 2510
Highway: 3095
Heavy Duty: 3285
Offroad: 3640
Heavy: 4470

Compared to the current Hard Mode in-garage "full repair" set costs:
Scout: 1500 (60%)
Highway: 1500 (48%)
Heavy Duty: 2500 (76%)
Offroad: 2500 (69%)
Heavy: 5000 (112%)

The percentages are the percentage amount you need to wreck a vehicle before it's break-even to tow it to a garage and do a full repair instead of in-the-field.

So, Highway is the only class where it seems remotely likely to be worth doing.
...while Heavy class trucks in almost all cases can never get to a state where they'll be worth repairing in the garage.

Might an adjustment be in order?
I think making the in-garage costs maybe 50% of the class average total-wreck cost might just make this a useful function - if a truck is damaged beyond a certain point, it may then be worth your while towing it back to a garage instead of repairing it in the field. (That would be, rounded to the nearest 50 for each class: 1250, 1550, 1650, 1800, 2250)

...or, the in-garage costs could just be changed to match the repair-point costs...
Edit: Scratch that, changed to be proportional, but 20-40% higher than repair-point costs, otherwise we'd be back to service trailers being largely pointless again.

Edit2: Actually, giving it more thought, I think that better-balanced, this system could give an interesting extra layer - it could actually be advantageous financially to endure a bunch of suspension and gearbox damage, and even a little engine damage, to save money taking a truck in for a "full-service", which would encourage a more "push-your-luck" approach.
You could selectively repair engine damage to avoid increased fuel consumption, and leave the rest.

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Since the update that changed the repair point costs from $5/point to $2/point, this has only become even sillier.

The average total-destruction repair costs per class are now:
Scout: 1240
Highway: 1420
Heavy Duty: 1480
Offroad: 1660
Heavy: 1985

Compared to the current Hard Mode in-garage "full repair" set costs:
Scout: 1500 (121%)
Highway: 1500 (106%)
Heavy Duty: 2500 (169%)
Offroad: 2500 (151%)
Heavy: 5000 (252%)

So at this point, there is absolutely no scenario where it's even close to being financially viable to use the in-garage repair option. The only reason to use it now is to burn money pointlessly to reset the hideous mangling caused by the visual-damage system. If you want to play efficiently, you have to live with eternally battered trucks.

I still think that $5/point was the lowest price that even made repair costs remotely meaningful... $2 might as well be zero for all the impact it has on the game.
...and I still think the in-garage costs should be set to approximately 40% of the full-points-costs for each class, to encourage you to endure damage on trucks until it's cheaper to send them in for a full-service.