increase volume of objects to the truck

how to increase the number of logs to a truck, not the points.

So you want to have to load more logs before you can spawn the freight?
Take a look at the files named load_logs_....xml located in:
Open the .xml files with notepad++ and change the line " ManualLoads="..." " to whatever you like- just don't get too crazy with it.

I recommend to create a new media folder in the game mainfolder, set up the same path media/classes/trucks and copy all "load_logs_....xml" files into it. Change these files and keep the original files in the
To load the new, changed files, open the Config.xml and add the line <MediaPath Path="Media" /> before <MediaPath Path="" /> .

has been a while since i looked, but the max logs you can spawn in at a time to load is 12-13 logs i believe? has been a while so i could be completely wrong lol. does not quite make for a "full looking" load to me, but i get what you are wanting and some people have asked about this since they want to be able to actually load a full load of logs before packing or delivering.