[Mod Release] GZO Rock Rig #1 (Collison Axle Build)

Hey guys for anyone who's into them, I've rebuilt my bouncers with Collison axles. This may not be for everyone as I would call this a "realism" build but I've fallen in love with this setup. And any new mods from me will be built in this manner. I'm always trying to make my trucks drive like the real thing. I know they aren't the best looking out there but they work well!

Here's the workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1337363500

No pics there's no changes to it other than the physics. Later peeps!

Physics test vid:

Youtube Video

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@for-jakarta thanks bud your map will be a workout! 👌

@smaronenine them ramps are sweet lol and thank you sir! Gonna do a pre-runner like this, thinking ttb suspension on the front like forces did on his new f100. Gonna play around with it cause it seems to work super well and I personally like that added difficulty of having to watch tire placement or get beached lol