Amur crafting

Amur crafting recipes are wierd and inconsistent with game standard

on the previus maps the there was 2 metal rolls for medium pipes 1 metal roll for small pipes and large pipe required 4 metal rolls.

so in amur
small pipes(1metal roll)+2Xmetal rolls=medium pipes(3metal rolls)
2Xmedium pipes(3 metal rolls)+2Xmetal rolls=3 metal beams(8metal rolls)

that meanson amur 3 metal beams costs 8 metal rolls and in yukon and wisconsin 3 metal beams would cost 6 metall rolls

and thats not even it! player can unlock sacond crafting zone in witch player can craft metal beams and large pipes

1medium pipe(3 metal rolls) + 2 metal rolls= 2 metal beams(in this case 5 metal rolls for 2 metal beams)
1 medium pipe(3metal rolls) + 2 metal rolls= 1 large pipe(again 5 metal rolls on previus map it was 4 metal rolls)

that is kinda inconsistant and i kinda hard to find a reson for that, exept to make player drive more for materials

plus in Amur amont off small pipes is limited from the beginning of the game (4) until player gets to the 3rd map and finishes 2 misions to unlock the warehause so if player menages to loose 1 load of small metal pipes due to his own foult or simply becouse of desinc in the game, the game makes it even harder and longer to unlock the 3 garage

Where in this can you craft small trying to build the garage in chernokamensk....i am on xbox1 console

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You cannot craft small pipes in Amur. For the garage are 3 small pipes at the storage in the middle of the map, and 1 small pipes at the storage down left. After you have opened the warehouse to the middle right, you get unlimited small pipes there.