Feedback about 2 logging missions in Amur

I believe most people will agree that medium logs are undoubtely the most annoying cargo to deliver in SR.

There are 2 contracts in Amur that require you to deliver an unnecessary amount of medium logs. These are "Covered in Smoke" and "Personal Favor".


4x and 6x cargo is simply not fun. It's just too much of the same cargo (which can only fit 1 per trailer).

Since short logs will only be available in this region (as esorokin said, there are no plans of bringing those to other maps), I suggest mixing these 2 contracts into half short logs, half medium logs.

Covered in Smoke could be:
3x short logs
3x medium logs

and Personal Favor:
2x short logs
2x medium logs

This would make these missions way less annoying and would be better for the experience overall. Especially considering that Amur is the only region with short logs.

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100% agree

If they designed the missions in the way that you presented, the quest would be more fun to do. You could take short logs on the truck and medium logs on a trailer. More efficient, and less annoying.

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