data gone after update

hello, there was a new update on EGS version of mudruner, and now all of my data is gone. Every map i finished, is now locked and set as not completed.

@Big_olrat You should write EPIC, but for mudrunner you can avoid this, by making local copies of all map-progress.
It is a bit complicated, but it goes like this:
It is not meant to be done, but you can, but you MUST do this before you have done the last task. If you see the stats image:
Then your game progress is gone! -and it cant be re-created!
So i usually make a savegame after i have visited all watch-points, and before i have delivered timber:
Go to your
In that folder you will find a level_<mapname>.sts file. That is your progress-file
Copy that file to a folder outside your mudrunner folders. If you want to go 'back' to that scenario saved in that file, then you need to copy the file back into UserSaves, but that will cast an error when you open the game!
"Incompatible cloud version."
You then need to overwrite the cloud version, with the local version.
Then you get back to your saved scenario.

@aMuddyHand I have the same problem here. EGS Version. Starting the game since some months of inactivity. Game starts with "accept EULA" and completely lost my progress.
But I have a complete backup of the save game folder. (18.12.2020)
If I copy the backup files to the save game folder, game starts but still from the scratch (accept EULA, no progress).
If I close the game and have a look to the save game files, the userprofile.stu looks very empty instead the backuped file.
Can it be, that the last MR version destroy some sort of savegames? And is maybe responsible for some postings which says the EGS cloud sync destroys the MR savegame? It looks like it is the other way arround. Start MR. userprofile.stu will be "cleaned". close Game. "cleaned" userprofile.stu will be synced to the cloud. game progress KIA.
I can provide my save game backup if a dev wants to check this.