(Confirmed to be fixed in later update) ZiKZ 605-R rear suspension simulation all wrong <13.1>

MAZ trucks (which ZiKZ 605-R was based on) have quite unique rear suspension. Something similar to rocker-bogie suspension:

alt text

Sadly suspension on ZikZ is acting as if it had independent suspension. Movement of 3rd row wheels doesn't affect 4th row wheels and vice-versa. The rocker arm just bends instead of rotating on the middle axis.

Here is video comparing how suspension worked properly in Mudrunner and how it works in Snowrunner:
Youtube Video

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@Amynue Good observation. Sigh. Another sign that SR's quality / accuracy isn't up to the same level as the earlier versions of MR. This should be relatively easy to fix. I believe it requires the use of a hinge object instead of a normal suspension. Devs working on SR seem to have very little understanding of trucks, and you can see it in the way the cargo is tied down, the transmission shifts, the original twin steer was set up, etc.

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This is obviously a balanced suspension assembly. but considering the previous suspension error of CT680, I don’t think they will fix this error

Luckily this was only temporary suspension.


great job, our pts hero!)