Thrustmaster T300 problems (13.1)

Pressing down on the steering wheel d pad to bring up the profile screen causes the game to get stuck. This doesn't happen when only using a PS4 pad.

Pressing circle on the wheel quick shifts to reverse - this happens when exiting from the map or disconnecting the winch. Again, this doesn't happen with the pad - I think the problem is also present in the live version of the game.

@GD80 can you please catch this issue on video and share it with us? it will help us in our investigation.

@aessiq I don't even have the PTS installed and I just play the release version, but this similar issue happens there too, basically that if you have buttons assigned to gear changes (wheel d-pad in my case), they happen even when navigating some dialog box with the same buttons, when those gear changes should be disabled.

@aessiq I will try to create a video, but I fear it may be beyond my technical ability......