Northem AEGIS installation, name problem, AEGIS= american combat system(Feedback 13.1)

Hello I noticed that in the new region Amur, which is situated in Russia there is a map called "Northem AEGIS Installation", and in the map there is a big radar station, if the map is called that way because that radar station is an Aegis station there is a problem with that.

The problem is that AEGIS is an american combat system primary used in vessels and never used by Russia.
Russia have equivalent or similar systems but definitely they don't called it AEGIS.
So I think Northem Aegis is not and apropiate name for a map situated in Russia.

Greetings and keep it improving the game.

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Well, the name Aegis itself comes from Greek Mythology as a device carried by Athena and Zeus, interpreted as also a a shield, which may be the reason why it was choosen as a name for radar dish, because in some way it resembles a shield. Just the USA also adapted it for the name of their system, just like the case of naming space program Apollo and so. SnowRunner had used several times terms from Greek Mythlogy on Russian elements in-game, like the name of TUZ 16.

@Nextej I understand that, the reason you name about mythology makes sense that's the reason why the usa called that Aegis combat system, Aegis combat system is one of the Key parts of the Nato missile Shield.
I encounter extremly confusing that the Devs chosse call the radar site Aegis like the greek mytologhy yes, but also like the USA designed and Nato used radar system.

I don't think that Russia will ever use the same name Nato uses for their own system if that system do same mission.
Thats the reason I feel like that is a strange name for a radar site in Russia, but in the end the name is only a name it doesn't have too much importance in the gameplay.

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