There is too little grip.

If we get off the road, it is almost impossible to move on. Also on some dirt roads!!!
The hard core will surely accept this with a big ovation, but so the game is unplayable!
We ask for some more grip on the "intermediate" areas and dirt roads!

@Jóska-Pista Hello, we have already noted your thoughts, thank you.


you managed to fully stuck in snowrunner!

such behemoth will end with the same result irl

by the way, is it a “blue snow”, special terrain rarely met in imandra and yukon?

I feel some mockery in your words, but believe me, no matter what vehicle you try.
By the way, I also use a chain mod!
So... 😉

Then learn which terrain can be passed and which is not. Especially making use of your winch is an option to verify if something is a shortcut or a "death sentence". Try and error. If you always fail at the same spot - its not meant being crossed.

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There are also big problems with map design! The original "reasonable" design method was a challenging path with a shorter but difficult to pass way, but at the same time a longer but smoother detour option, but now it has become "This road is so long, let's put a section unremovable tree is in the middle!" "It can pass, but it takes 15 minutes to get stuck in it." "Use the stones growing on the asphalt pavement to eliminate the suspension of the vehicle..""The factory at the top of the mountain can only be reached after passing through a 1 meter deep swamp. Although the lower lake is frozen, the swamp is brand new." I don’t know why the factory was built in a place where raw materials cannot be provided and finished products cannot be shipped. The latest PTS said, "I allow you to clear the boulders on the road, and then you can reach the bridge that cannot be repaired and the slope that must have overturned. There is endless muddy in the back,in order to be more exciting, two of them are designed to be 100% trapped."All this gives me a feeling of doing coolies on the ground bombed by aliens. The game provides enough challenges, but not enough options to deal with, everything is a winch, everything is only a winch! Do you want to lay wood in the mud or saw off tree trunks that run across the road? The answer is always no.

Thanks for the tutorial and the information that there is a winch in the game.
Do you really think I didn't know that?

No. As far as I am aware of, there is often even too much grip in the game. Was driving UNIMOGs in my army time. Much of the stuff seen here as "easy going in high" you wont pass at all. And some stuff seen here (trucks having their wheels stalled) won't happen in real life. As nearly any truck has enough gearbox to make wheels spin.

So if you accept the games physics implementation as "game reality" - what are you complaining about? You think you can pass and the game tells you "no". So the game is wrong and you are right?

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@NetRunner said in There is too little grip.:

@Jóska-Pista Hello, we have already noted your thoughts, thank you.

I don't get it. You listen to that, when the last thing this game needs is more grip in mud, but completely ignore actual pressing issues such as the downshift from 4th gear to 1st that kills the truck's momentum every time it happens. I don't understand Saber.

@Unster Hello, our team monitors the whole forum, gathering the feedbacks and bugs, please do not judge by one respond.

@NetRunner I wasn't judging just by that. Not once have I seen anyone from Saber respond to the downshifting issue. And it's been a problem with the game since day 1 (April 2020). So it's a bit frustrating to see Saber responding to requests such as this one, when almost no one thinks there's too little grip in mud. There is little grip with mud tires on asphalt, but that's a separate issue.

@Jóska-Pista And for you, I don't know if you're new to the game, I guess you are, but highway tires are not meant for mud. Switch to offroad or mud tires, and you shouldn't have any issues, especially with diff lock and AWD.

@Jóska-Pista If you meant the issue is specifically on ice under the snow or some new type of snow in the new region, then you should have said so and be more clear (I just noticed your video). You made it sound like it's a general problem in the whole game. There is an issue with chained tires not being very good in snow (worse than offroad & mud tires) but that's been a problem for a long time.

@Unster Highway tires? Díff lock and AWD??? ☺ Sorry. I couldn't miss it!
As I said before: I'm using a chain mod! (But only two of us know that! ) 😉
Let’s face it, the tracks are UNREASONABLY difficult in some places! Such as one or another dirt road, or a "green zone" next to roads. As you can see in the video.
I don't want to argue about that. I've been playing the game long enough to judge this ...

@Jóska-Pista Well, you keep talking about dirt roads, but in your video it's nothing but snow. You need to communicate better. And as Stazco pointed out, it's probably the so called blue snow. Yes that one is very slippery.