I was hosting a coop game. I completed a few tasks at Urska River. After everyone left, I restarted the game and started a singleplayer game ("Continue" in main menu). To my surprise all my trucks and trailers which I had scattered around Urska River were gone. They are not in the garage and they don't appear in the trucks list (F4). The only two trucks that remained were Tayga next to the garage - which was already on the map when I started it and Khan 317 Sentinel which was a reward for completing one of the tasks. In total I lost 7 trucks (1x Tayga, 2x Azov 6, 2x new ZikZ, 1x Paystar TS, 1x Ford F750) and 2 or 3 flatbed trailers. Also the "SUV"s and the cargo that was part of "Unlucky Expedition" and "At The Apex" tasks are all gone, but for example Consumables from "Cargo Cult" is still on the map.