Login problem

I cannot log with this account on my pc, a message say ( I translate it from french): " Identification failed, the local connexion system got disabled for account without privilege"

So i tried to create a new account, and there is the same problem

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I've also been encountering this issue.

Ah, it finally let me back in after a week of this rubbish.

Is it fixed for everyone else?

I don't know if it caused anything to happen, but I left a message with Focus' support, to which they told me first to email the Snowrunner devs (because the support form forced me to pick a game I wanted support with, despite clearly writing a message explaining the problem was with the forums), then when I explained again, was told to contact the Discord community management team instead, for some reason.

Perhaps they actually did look into it themselves after all...

Was able to log in on my phone so maybe it is fixed.