Map "Northern Aegis Installation" missing/not shown at Global Map (13.0) - Fixed in 13.1

I used the portal to change to map Northern Aegis Installation (NAI)... drive around a while and changed back to Urska River Garage. I looked at the Global Map when I was driving around at the NAI-map my yellow player symbol, like at the screenshot, appears behind the lock at the Chermokamensk map (unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of that). Now I have a truck at the NAI-map and cannot change back to them.

Northern Aegis Installation missing.jpg

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Here is a screenshot when I'm on the NAI map:

Northern Aegis Installation missing 2.jpg

2 truck at the map... no one is shown at the Global Map
Northern Aegis Installation missing 3.jpg

Thank you for the report.
Right now we are working on fixing it.

Seems to be fixed in 13.1