[HOW TO] Installing ReShade With SpintiresMod

Somebody just asked me a question I'd asked myself not too long ago. How do you get SpintiresMod to work with ReShade? Which I couldn't find sufficient info to answer properly via google. So I had to figure it out, pretty much, on my own. Since my pride generally prevents me giving up and asking on a forum(or anywhere else for that matter).

Anyhow. This is how I do it.

Step 1:

Install SpintiresMod. Or do nothing if already installed.

Step 2:

Download the installer for ReShade. Click on the ReShade_Setup.exe. Press 'Ctrl" while clicking Select game to get the ReShade32.dll and ReShade64.dll.

Step 3:

Install Reshade as Direct3D 9. Then open the game and do the tutorial setup bit. So when you're done you'll have the reshade-shaders folder and a premade effects/textures.ini configuration setting file in you MR directory. Then close the game.

Step 4:

Open your MR directory. Delete the three d3d9 files(text doc., config settings, and .dll). Then copy and paste the ReShade32.dll to your MR directory.

Step 5:

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\SpintiresMod\Install and copy the d3d9.dll found there(or wherever SpintiresMod is installed). Then paste it in your MR directory.

Step 6:

Open STM and go to Game settings > Options and make sure the box next to Override original "d3d9.dll" is checked. Then click browse and direct it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SpinTires MudRunner\ReShade32.dll(or wherever MR is installed). Click Apply and OK.

Step 7:

Open MR again. Open the ReShade configuration menu(Shift + F2). Go to Settings and add \reshade-shaders\Shaders to the end of the Effect Search Paths. Then add \reshade-shaders\Textures to the end of the Texture Search Paths. You can also set whatever else how you want it now too(like the Effects Toggle Key). These settings will then be stored in the ReShade config settings file in your MR directory(which will be created in step 8).

Step 8:

Then go to the Home menu again and click continue to start the tutorial again. EXCEPT this time selecting your premade effects/textures.ini from the start(click the down pointer to the left of +, it will show up below the bar, click on it to select it, it will jump up into the bar). Then click your way through the rest of the tutorial and go to Settings if you want to select performance mode. Then go to the Home menu one more time and click Reload. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddd....................wait for it.................................YOUR DONE!

I know. It's convoluted AF. But it works. If you know a better/faster way please do tell.

EDIT: I figured out that you don't need to close and reopen MR between steps 7 & 8. Just use the Reload feature when everything is setup how you want it.

UPDATE(3/22/18): Our friend @blasc has suggested a, perhaps, better way. By simply renaming the .dll installed by ReShade to dxgi.dll. "Better" in the sense that you might be able to get better framerates by using this method. It shouldn't matter which .dll was installed by ReShade. It can be d3d9.dll, the manually installed ReShade32.dll, or even opengl32.dll. ALL 3 RESHADE INSTALLED .DLL FILES ARE IDENTICAL EXCEPT FOR THEIR NAMES(I'VE CONFIRMED THIS BY COMPARING ALL OF THEM WITH A HEX EDITOR). So I'm not sure how or why changing the name of the .dll makes any difference(but let's assume it does). All I do know is you can change the name of any of the ReShade installed .dll files to dxgi.dll and end up with the exact same file. I don't really want to rewrite my method above to include this. And, so far as I can tell, I don't really have to. All one needs to do is rename whichever ReShade installed .dll(d3d9.dll or ReShade32.dll) to dxgi.dll, and rename the config settings file(d3d9 or ReShade) to dxgi. The d3d9 or ReShade32 text document/log file can be deleted(since it will be recreated automatically as dxgi). And, of course, you will also need to redirect SpintiresMod to dxgi.dll.

BTW, I've tested this and it doesn't seem to make much(if any) difference on my system. At best it seems like I might be seeing a 1-2 FPS increase with the dxgi.dll compared to with the ReShade32.dll. At worst there's no difference at all. It definitely doesn't seem to hurt performance. But YMMV.

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@mudhappy, Thanks a lot. I was using SweetFX and it won't work with STM. Do you have a link to an installer for ReShade? I've only seen the one on the russian site that is unzip to folder. Thanks man.

@mudhappy, Thanks brah. Didn't even see it. lol

Do you find that you get no more that 45FPS with the Spintires mod and ReShade?

It depends on what you include in your profile some effect can cut the fps in half, also if not properly set or combine,there is something to keep in mind while using any injector there is a possible conflict with the editor,i don't see why as long as the editor doesn't use reshade dll but it might be something else.

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Works like a charm together but I do also have FPS drops a lot !
Normally I play the game with a constant 60 FPS, with ReShade and STM
it drops down to 20 FPS. Also there is this annoying flickering of the screen when moving.
I'm using:

W7 pro 64-bit
AMD FX 8350 8 core @4,0 GHz
MSI RX 470 Gaming X 8GB
16GB RAM @1600MHz
Game running on SSD

I'm just using it to increase color saturation(colourfulness). And there's no noticeable FPS decrease when using it for that on my system. I think I lied. It seems like there might be. See my post below(2 posts down).

i5-3570K @ 4.7GHz
16GB DDR3 @ 2400MHz
R9 280X 3GB @ 1175/1850
Windows 10 Pro 64
Game installed on 7200rpm 64MB HDD

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@raphael Thanks for the reply mate, I find even when I disable ReShade in MR, I still get no more than 45FPS. It seems like just having the ReShade override active reduces the performance of the game significantly on my compluter. I never had any of these issues when using ReShade with ST+ so I assume it must have something to do with the way the STMod is coded. I forget who mentioned it, but they said that they have seen other people reporting this type of performance reduction and that the STMod and ReShade aren't working well together at the moment.

I've got a 6 core i7 alongside a pair of GTX1080Ti's in SLi, with 24GB Ram and the game is running on an SSD, so the specs shouldn't be causing any issues. Normally I get solid 60FPS 99.9% of the time, but as mentioned as soon as I run the STMod the FPS limits itself to 45fps.

It's not the end of the world TBH, the only thing I would use is the battery winch and length of the rope, which I have been getting on fine without so far. I'll just wait for the features I really wanted from ST+ to be implemented into STMod before I take any affirmative action to try and fix this issue.

Mainly I was just curious as to how many other people are having the same experience as me, which it appears not. 😆

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@kingpinn I wasn't remembering something when I said "no noticeable FPS decrease". In fact I think there is when I use the navigational map(press the back button). I say "think" because I haven't found a way to verify it. Since I can't find another FPS counter that works with the game, besides the one provided with RS. The game no worky with RTSS or Fraps(just get a black screen, though the counters themselves do show up on that screen). Anyway, I noticed the FPS drops to around 25-30 FPS when I open the nav map while I'm using RS(with or without effects toggled on/off). It "feels" like that doesn't happen without RS installed. I just can't prove that's actually the case. Other than that though, it doesn't "feel" like that happens at any other time while playing the game without RS. I'm not actually very sensitive to noticing low framerates until they get down to about ~30 FPS. So it's hard for me to even guess what the actual difference in FPS(real numbers) is with or without RS installed. With RS installed I've never seen the FPS drop below 50. That's where it bottoms out occasionally. It seems like on average I get ~57 FPS(w/ all in game settings and Radeon gaming settings maxed). Probably depending on the map and whatever else. I don't really know for sure, and don't really care. FPS monitoring is not my forte. I don't ever use it unless I'm trying to troubleshoot a potential problem. And Like I said, if it's not getting down to around 30 FPS I'm not very likely to even notice it.

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@mudhappy I know what you mean. I not generally picky about frame rates, but when I'm used to a sold 60 most of the time, when it drops significantly like 15 - 20 frames like in this instance, it can be a bit jarring. Thanks for confirming your experiences with this mod tho.

If you weren't already aware, Steam actually provides a very handy frame counter, which can be turned on in the settings of Steam under the 'In Game' section. its quite subtle and you can choose where it is located. I don't use it any more, but when I did it was quite useful.

Главная ошибка в этом гайде - подключение Reshade как d3d9.dll, никаких путей в SpintiresMod указывать не надо, просто переименуйте ваш Reshade в dxgi.dll, он подключится напрямую и ваши проблемы с просадкой FPS должны решиться.

PS: мне сложно корректно всё это написать на английском - юзайте google translate...

@blasc здорово! спасибо за ваш вклад. Я собираюсь отдать это позже!

Just to report back about my experience of what @blasc said. I did a fresh install of STMod and changed the ReShade .dll to dxgi.dll which did work in the sense that it did start ReShade with STMR, but it didn't help the FPS issue, in fact it may have been worse. Was worth a try though.

Вот отличное решение без потери Fps которое придумал Adega с отличным результатом
Youtube Video

my fps went from 40-50 to 15 -20 got a fix?

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