Insurgent Marksmen currently have better options compared to Security marksmen this is mostly due to a factor of lethality and cost, i will compare the guns and suggest possible buffs/nerfs for these weapons. (The buff suggestions are only my ideas for them, the main point of this discussion is to point out the problem with these weapons)

M110 Vs SVD
Currently the M110 is unable to 1 shot heavy armor and unable to 1 shot light armor at 50m, while the SVD is able to 1 shot all armor types up to 70m+ for only the price of 50 m/s less velocity,

-the SVD also weights less than an m110.

  • Another side effect is that due to the decreased damage, the M110 requires more shots through cover to kill opponents and the use of extended mags is even more important.

(- a small problem is also that the m110 for some reason has increased horizontal recoil, however this rarely matters for marksmen)

Buff suggestions: M110

  • Caliber switched to 7.62x51mm AP, effectively giving it the same shots to kill as an M24, this could however upset the TTK balance therefore i suggest nerfing it's velocity to 800 m/s this would render it an equal to the SVD.

-2nd suggestion-

  • Buffing the Magazine size to 15-20 rounds, decrease weight to be the same as the SVD or slightly lower and decrease the suppressor cost to 2 points. (Or decrease the horizontal and vertical recoil to the higher 20s to render non-bipod shots more effective)
    This would render the M110 a stealthier, more mobile option compared to the SVD, while keeping the SVD as it's deadlier option.

Mk14 vs SVD
Currently the Mk14 has the ability to use full auto, however has a similar issue to the M110 with shots to kill, this means that as a Battle rifle it's almost best weapon in the game, but as far as DMRs go it's decent, however i believe the Mk14 doesn't need a buff as if it's used as a non-stealth based full auto long range DMR it's one of the best, however could be repurposed (or reworked) to do it's DMR job better.

M24 vs Mosin Nagant.
Currently the M24 is almost in every way a downgrade compared to the mosin nagant, from both a Shots to kill perspective, penetration, velocity and in general, effectiveness.

  • The M24 currently uses 7.62x51mm AP this means it can one shot, however it still has way worse damage at longer ranges compared to the mosin nagant, hitting limbs at further ranges will result in needing 2 shots to kill.

  • The decreased velocity of the M24, although isn't a huge difference still matters at longer ranges.

  • The M24 loses it's ability to 1 shot all armor types at 100m, and will need 2 shots against heavy armor this won't happen often but is still note-worthy especially considering all limbs will also result in a 2 shot to kill.

  • The mosin nagant has also access to cheaper, and more upgrades, for example stripper clips, a 4x PU scope which only costs 1 point.

(For some reason the Mosin nagant also has slightly lower horizontal recoil, but this really doesn't matter considering it's a bolt action rifle)

Buff suggestions: M24

  • Increase the velocity to be higher than the Mosin nagant, this could help with both penetration and damage at longer ranges, or increase the base damage to render it more lethal against limbs.

  • Decrease it's weight to be slightly lower than the Mosin nagant.

  • Once again, decrease it's attachment cost for suppressors and it's greased bolt.

(This route could bring the M24 closer to the Mosin nagant, while keeping the mosin nagant more lethal, but give the M24 a mobility and stealth advantage)

Nerf suggestions: Mosin nagant

  • Bring back the bolt we had before (I believe it's called the infantry bolt version correct me if i'm wrong) where the operator is forced to stop aiming down their scope to chamber another round after having fired.

  • Increase the weight to be slightly more than the M24

  • Increase the cost of the PU Scope and Stripper clips to 2 points.

  • Decrease it's velocity to be closer to the M24 (To decrease it's performance at range)

These changes would render the mosin nagant closer to the M24, i don't believe the M24 should receive all the buffs i've suggested if the Mosin nagant is nerfed with all these ideas, however i think if the Mosin is nerfed the M24 should receive some buffs i suggested or similar.

Mosin nagant's bolt receives the "Infantry bolt" and the stripper clips now cost 2 points along with the PU Scope -> M24's weight is reduced, Velocity is buffed slightly and the Greased bolt costs only 1 point now.

M24 receives decreased cost for the suppressor, greased bolt and now weighs less. -> Mosin nagant's stripper clips and PU Scope now cost 2 points.

Once again, these are only Buff/Nerf suggestions, the main point of this discussion is to point out how Security Marksmen could use a buff, how they receive a buff isn't as important as i am not a game designer nor a balance expert.