Report cheater/map bugger


I'd like to report a cheater or a map bugger/jumper who got totally off the map, being far behind playable map structure and sniping all of the other team for most part of the game.
Extremely frustrating and disgusting behavior.
Please deal with him accordingly. Ideally a ban.

Replay ID: 8611ff0a-9869-4329-9e72-bfd0245360ed
In-game name during the match: raplaploute

Let keep our player base clean of these fuckers, thanks 🙂

I did report on him as well.
Meet him twice on Tell and on Tideaway. On both maps he was jumping out of map and contesting point from there.

Hi @Sargoth and @maxkid, you can fill out a cheat report following this link:

Select Insurgency: Sandstorm in the game list and make sure to inlcude the replay ID of the match in your report. You can find the replay ID in the History section of the main menu.

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Reported via the provided link with all the info.

Thank you.