Greetings, friends and fellow Necromunda: Underhive Wars players!

As always, we hope that this message finds you well.

Following last month’s fourth Major Update, we’re back today with a small-yet-important hotfix that was requested by multiple community members, in response to the possible corruption of some (generally older) Commander Profiles.

Since this particular piece of save game data holds information about all completed Infamy Tasks, as well their associated Infamy Points, we thought it important to provide all players with an optional tool that will - should the need arise - allow you to repair and reinitialize said Commander Profile.



What is this tool for?

The Commander Profile is at the heart of your Necromunda: Underhive Wars experience. It is the system that continuously monitors and tracks the completion of Infamy Tasks, in order to award their associated (and most useful) Infamy Points.

In some instances (especially in older saves), it is possible for corrupted data to have been introduced over time within the Commander Profile, and to interfere with the normal game flow. If this is your case, you may have noticed some Infamy Tasks failing to register as complete (even though their achievement conditions have been met), or that some of the associated Infamy Points have not been granted as they should’ve been.

If this is your case, you might want to recalculate your Infamy Points (but do so only if needed - please read on).

How does it work?

The new optional tool will first delete, then entirely rebuild a player’s Commander Profile, which contains a list of all completed Infamy Tasks and their associated Infamy Points.

In doing so, the tool will repair any existing profile corruption and attempt to reallocate previously gained Infamy Points. Gang saves themselves will be unaffected.

DISCLAIMER - Limits of the repair tool

Because of how the system tracks progression, some Infamy Tasks cannot be recovered, and have to be reinitialized entirely.

These will be reset to their default values (as if the title was booted for the very first time), and it will be possible to reobtain their associated Infamy Points by playing the game and meeting their unlock conditions once more.

In other words, don’t use this tool unless you have to. It’s normal for spent Infamy Points to be momentarily unavailable if you have previously forfeited an Operation - these will be returned to you when you next complete a new Operation. You should not use the repair tool to try and circumvent this system, unless you’re ready to re-unlock some Infamy Tasks from scratch.

How to use the Commander Profile Repair tool?

Launching the tool is really easy:

  • Launch the game
  • From the Main Menu, head over to Options
  • Navigate to the Gameplay Options. You’ll find the button at the bottom of the tab.
  • That’s it! Once the operation is complete, you’ll be returned to the Main Menu.

nuw tool.jpg


This concludes today’s small hotfix update - we hope this new tool will be useful to those of you who might have experienced issues with the tracking of Infamy Tasks and Points in the past.

As always, we would like to take a moment and express our gratitude to all community members for your time, patience and continued support - we truly appreciate your most valuable participation and feedback, and we’ll be back soon with more Necromunda news!

Until next time, stay safe everyone, and we’ll see you in the underhive!

Best regards,

The Rogue Factor Dev Team

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Vous assurez vraiment, l'équipe de développement de Rogue Factor. Votre jeu est une vraie pépite.👍
J'espère toutefois avoir bientôt le plaisir d'obtenir un nouveau DLC de contenu (en particulier les gangs Delaque). Ce Necromunda: Underhive Wars est tout bonnement excellent.
Et je caresse aussi l'espoir de le voir débarquer sur la plateforme GOG (je m'engage ainsi formellement à le racheter).

This is great, but there are two obvious points related to the idea that you really need to think about:

  1. You mention that some infamy tasks cannot be recalculated and instead are reset by the tool, so a player must regain the infamy for those tasks manually. But then you don't specify which tasks this applies to. Players would be far better served if you were more transparent and actually spelled out precisely which tasks are repaired, plus which ones are fully reset. We could then make an informed decision regarding whether to use the tool or not, instead of experimenting to find out the consequences first-hand.

  2. Given that the tool recalculates some tasks but resets others, wouldn't it have made far more sense for you to have released two separate tools, instead of one? You could have added one tool that fixed only the infamy tasks that instantly recalculate and re-award, then a second riskier tool that performs the full reset. If there were two tools (plus the effects of both were clear) then players could decide whether to use neither tool, or only use the safer tool, or use the full tool to reset everything.

Knowing the exact effects of the tool would also stop players who don't actually need to use it from doing so and receiving no benefit.