All Progress lost


after playing the game for months on my PS4 I did start a new game with a Cawdor crew. After the first mission of the Operation I did the standard stuff, levelling the crew up, went to the store etc. After that I took a small break and set the PS4 in standyby mode (like I did countless times before).
After starting up again the game crashed immediately.
Now all Progress is lost, every crew, story progress etc. There isn‘t even an option to load a game/crew. All I can do is starting from scratch, very frustrating!!!

Hello, sorry to hear about this 😞

Are you sure you're still on the same account, as your saves are directly linked to it? Was there any power outage that could explain why you saves disappeared?
How many time did your PS4 stay in standby mode? We will investigate this and try to find out what is going wrong!.

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can you pull a cloud save?

Yes I‘m still using the same account. Like I said: I finished the first mission of a Cawdor operation, went to crew management and the store. After that I took a break, pushed the ps button to get to the ps menu and activated the standy by mode. After restarting some time later I opened the game, saw a flash of the operations menu and than immediately an error message / corrupted save file. Now every progress is gone.
I did the exact same procedure countless times, without any problems.
There were no power outtakes or anything like that.

Maybe I activated the Standby mode just while the game was saving? Then this was bad luck, but it sucks that my other gangs and progress is lost too.
There should be an option to restore at least one older save file (say like the day before) if stuff like this happens...

Not sure what happened here, but the game creates and saves two files, it always does a backup file in case there is an issue on the first. They are not saved at the same time so they don't both get corrupted by the same operation.
In some cases where the saves get corrupted beyond repair, the wizard will delete the incriminated file in order to avoid issues in the future. What's strange is that it won't delete all your save files, only the corrupted gang if it has to be, and you have a prompt to warn you...

There wasn‘t any prompt.
Now it’s like I‘ve never played before, it even thanks me for buying the dlcs und played the videos. Infamy 0.

The only thing left are the Ps4 achievements.

Is there a way to look for the save file? If so could it be implemented again?

I‘ve found multiple save files on my ps4 (two for each gang, 2 commander data, 2user profiles, 1 game user setting).
Can I do something with this? Some are a few weeks old. Is there a way to restore them? Do I have to delete anything?
Still hoping for a solution...

Ok, it's really strange but it will allow us to take a look at your files to see if we can find the issue. Could you send us all those files? You can copy them by connecting a USB device to your console.

Sorry again for the inconvenience, we'll try to find what's going on!

I can do that. Can you give me an email adress?

You can send a zip file with all your files here in the forum, or send it to 🙂

Hello @00242602, I received your saves 🙂
Could you confirm me that you did not try to install other saves on your console or modify your own files?

Hi, yes i did not alter the saves in any way, neither did i try to install saves from another konsole or anything like that. They are only the files from my ps 4.

I've transmitted all files to the dev, now let's hope they can find out what went wrong

Hello, same problem here. PS4, I've got critical crash of game in operation map. After restart game I've received note, that save cannot be loaded. This way i lost a lot of hour of game with my gang. I see my saves in ps4 files and also in my cloud, but game do not see them. Reinstall of game do not help. I've got also saved there campaign to 13 chapter, where boxes do not showed up, and i cannot finished the mission.

What can I do with it?