Are Hired Guns Next?

After reading the Feb update the key standout was the hint at a future update benefitting all gangs. Looking for clues I decided to check out the fantasy based Mordheim:City of the Damned. While it was being supported there were DLC releases for hireable mercenaries like the Smuggler and the Doomweaver. Each of these was recruitable by select gangs.

If, as people have suggested, GW is regulating the release of new content to coincide with the release of the table top game we likely wont see Delaque until much later in the year. But what to do for DLC and help maintain revenue stream from the game(?)... HIRED GUNS DLC PACK.

Add a Slave Ogryn to increase your melee prowess. Getting too bloodied during your engagements? Add Doctor Arachnos or a generic Underhive Doc for better in game healing. How about a Gang Lookout as a support element or Underhive Scum for expendable cannon fodder. Would love to see the inclusion of gang animals or even an Ambot but don't think those are practical now. Hired Guns could use the game code that already exists without introducing any new(and potentially bug inducing) game elements.

I speculated about the release schedule in another post about the Delaque and Redemptionists. I still think we're looking at a release schedule of every 2-2 1/2 months but instead of a Delaque release in late April/ May I'm thinking now what we'll see is a Hired Guns DLC pack with 3-4 Underhivers that are each hireable by 1-2 of the gangs.

What do people think? What non gang Underhivers would you like to see included?

maybe not what you are looking for ... but it seems that Focus will release a new game (FPS) called "Necromunda: Hired Gun". Funny coincidence ...