bugged hand animation

whenever the QTS is equipped, the left hand of the character that holds the barrel is postioned twised ,like backwards with or without any type of grips; also there is something wrong with the finger animation of the left hand holding the gun barrel while the loading and quick draw grips are equipped for (akm, m16 both variants , aug ,and g3a3)
these are the guns that i have experienced this bug with idk about the other guns

also the bug with the mags of the secondary weapon not ejecting when speed reloading (u guys addressed it in the hotfix) still happening btw with the m9

the imposter bot among the insergents is still there as well but not as frequent as before

the invisible magazine bug was always happening to me before 1.9.1 with the following weapons ( m16 both variants, m4a1, akm, alpha ak, aug) but was fixed after 1.9.1 release so thats out of the way, nice work ❤

Yes, there are animation bugs on many weapons since the new foregrips... and weird finger spaghetti when reloading. Would be nice to see the animations fixed ( and not like they did with the sks where you couldn't use the irons because of the aiming grip, so they just lowered the hand into the gun...)