Thoughts on Necromunda: Underhive Wars

Hey guys, genuine question here. I've been wondering if I should pick up Necromunda: Underhive Wars on steam, but the reviews are mixed here. Many people were commenting on the bad AI, multiplayer,crashes,ect. when the game recently came out on September of this year. I was wondering if they fixed some of these since then since the game is on sale and looks interesting.

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I was very much against this game when it came out.

I do find myself, however, playing the game a fair bit nowadays and enjoying it. It's very much a toss on when nothings catching my interest or, since it's legal in my country, have a puff and veg out game for me.

I've purchased both DLCs thus far and while I do like the new gangs I don't find them massively different from the others outside of certain passives in their skill trees that make it feel like you need to play a certain builds to utilize your members properly. I also wish there was more uniqueness to the gangs outside of looks and a few skills.

If you're a Warhammer lover I think it's worth picking up, I'm interested in seeing where it goes as they're working on it and have made some decent progress with making the game better.

If money isn't something you're particularly concerned about, get it, otherwise I would wait for a sale as it's not exactly tons of content currently

**Edit: Sorry, just saw you said it's on sale, I think 50% is worth it myself

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The main problem of this game is the AI. At first it's hilarious and funny. But when you play six or seven battles, and you realize that it's like you are playing a duck shooting game, you leave the game. I can't understand why the AI it's so bad. People complain that the game is easy, but i think it's more like playing against five years old children. There are no challenge.

If the developers manage to create acceptable AI, the game would be fun. Sadly, it doesn't seem like they're even trying.