I appreciate pretty much if someone would help me out this unnatural issue-- all menus show a blank black color. As a workaround, every menu functions are intact when selecting the big screen mode. I attempted to erase two subf-holders under C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Steam for a troubleshooting, but no go. Right now, Explorer function (e.g. open a folder, any system dependency apps stall when attempting to open them.) of Windows 10 temporary glich. So when I disable Steam memory-resident file on taskbar, such the disorder vanishes. Also the host server (Akamai Technologies) for this program is automatically disconnected.disconnected.

I get sick tired of uninstall Steam app and reinstall it for many times for Steam's denial of service. To do so, all game applications are downloaded and reinstalled-- takes very long hours.

Does anyone know about which a system dependency file/s of Steam I should check?