Cawdor and the unjury skills

Hi everybody, i´m here to made a question to the developers. The new Cawdores cannot take the unjury statement... but they have the passive skills to improve their stats where was unjury :S
There are really taking this buff and it is only an "named error" or when they has below 50% of health cannot take this buffs because cannot was unjury? I launch this question because i see that they can take the passive skills that upgrade their stats when was unjury... but they have the passive that cannot made unjury and i could know if there is compatible.
Thanks so much and i love that you trying to improve the game constantly, i am a fanboy of the necromunda world 😃

I think I'm in agreement, there appears to be an issue with skills being obsolete and driving the player into using what appears to be Meta builds. I understand certain builds will be stronger than others but I feel there's a lack of choice when it comes to selecting skills for my characters