Necromunda Rulebooks (All)

Hey buddies

If you want to dive into the lore or the rule set of the original game, Council of 13 have uploaded them all to his dropbox and put a link on his website here:

It's a good way to get acquainted with the universe and the hives in general. Necromunda Underhive Wars should be based on these rules and not the new ones coming from Games Workshop (phew)

For community created Necromunda resources head to (Thanks to Malo for the link)

Now, get to reading!

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Very cool, it even adds in some of the Outlander groups. There's a few missing however from the Gangland addition books where they added in even more gangs like Chaos&Genestealer Cults, Ash Waste Tribes, and several others. Even with Houses and the Outlander groups like Scaavies, Spyrers, and Wyrds there's still even more content that can be worked in over time.

Currently I'm wondering if the Outlaw system will make its way in at launch, as even Underhiver's have some rules (mostly don't mess with the Guild).

Over at YakTribe Games we have a massive vault of Necromunda resources, collection of all the community created pieces over the last 20 years including some new ones.

Very cool. Say I saw you mention some of those are community made factions, which while nice for home games, for theorizing which factions could be added later I think they'll be sticking to official Necromunda gangs. Could you let us know which ones are community built and which ones are Codex and Gang War Official?

Well the only official ones are contained in the rulebooks. The community updated official gangs are available in the NCE (Necromunda Community Edition) and the OCE (Outlanders Community Edition). All the other gangs available in the vault, old or new, are in no way "official".

It all about which ruleset you wish to play, and the various vault resources are tagged appropriately.

ORB - Original Rulebook from 1995
LRB - Living Rulebook from 2001
NCE - Necromunda Community Edition from the last decade of efforts

Most in the 'tribe play NCE, and the YakTribe Necromunda gang and campaign tools default to NCE as well.