February Major Update, Cawdor DLC and Patch Notes


Greetings, friends and fellow Necromunda: Underhive Wars players -

As always, we hope that this message finds you well.

It is with great pleasure that we’re back today with a fourth Major Update, Patch, which brings a host of community-requested AI improvements and bug fixes for all owners of the game.

As with its December counterpart, this new update also introduces a brand new faction to the underhive - the unwavering zealots of House Cawdor!

And so, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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The Cawdor bring a fanatical bent to Necromunda: Underhive Wars’ explosive vertical combat, and acquiring this DLC will allow you to take control of these ferocious cultists in both Operations, Skirmish and Multiplayer game modes.

Bound by their beliefs and forever hiding their faces behind elaborate masks, Cawdor zealots will shrug off pain and blows that would cripple other fighters, maintaining their full battle capabilities even when grievously wounded.

These battle-hardened fanatics also come packing their unique and iconic looks, weapon skins, House perk and, of course, numerous combat skills. As always, you’ll be able to customize every gameplay and cosmetic aspect of this new force, ranging from their armor pieces, weapons, consumables, color schemes, and much more!

As before, players who do not own this DLC will still be able to face off against human or AI-controlled Cawdor opponents, bringing new content to all Necromunda: Underhive Wars community members.



Patch follows a tested-and-proved formula you should now be familiar with, if you’ve followed our previous October, November and December Major Updates.

Along with the new Cawdor DLC, Necromunda’s Dev Team has once again prioritized community feedback and reports in order to continue iteration on the experience.

This new patch also brings much requested AI improvements, with a special focus on enemy aggressivity. Indeed, we’ve been hard at work rethinking some of the decision-making algorithms to make big and small tweaks that will make a big difference in the general threat that AI-gangs will pose to their rivals (both human and other AIs), notably:

  • AI Fighters will now favor attacking enemies over buffing allies.

  • AI Fighters are now less likely to buff themselves if this cannot be immediately followed up by an offensive action.

  • AI Fighters with long-range capabilities will now seek to maintain an optimal distance from their foes, in order to maximize both their offensive and defensive capabilities.

  • AI Fighters will no longer spend AP on some environment interactions that provide no immediate use/benefit to them or their teammates.

As with all previous patches, we’ve also put a lot of effort into removing various reported crashes, soft blocks and numerous bugs on all platforms - the complete list of which can be found in the exhaustive Patch Notes below.



With this fourth major patch and second DLC now live, our team is now working on a new piece of content that will benefit all owners of the game, and all existing gangs. We’ll be back with more details on this upcoming update in the near future.

In the meantime, if you encounter any errors with this new game version, please don’t hesitate to report them on our Steam or Focus Home Interactive Technical Forums, where we continue to monitor all community-driven tickets with attention.

As always, we also invite you to consult our detailed Bug Reporting Guide if you would like to know how to join your logs and save files to your reports - these continue to play an important part in our post-launch support activities, and we thank you for your participation!



This concludes today’s update. Once again, we would like to complete today’s update post by saying a heartfelt thank you to all community members for your time, patience and continued support - we truly appreciate your most valuable participation and feedback, and we hope you’ll thoroughly enjoy today’s new update and Cawdor DLC!

As is now tradition, we’ve compiled the complete patch notes below for your reading pleasure.

We wish you all a wonderful day or evening, and we’ll see you in the underhive!

Best regards,
The Rogue Factor Dev Team



  • (SAVES) Fixed a rare bug where a gang's save file could be deleted when force-quitting the title right after completing a Conquest mission.

  • (X1 / HIVE) Fixed a bug that could cause a save file to be duplicated and corrupted after switching back and forth between multiple gangs during the same game session.


  • (AI) AI fighters are now generally more likely to favor attacking enemies rather than buffing allies, in order to generate more challenge from AI gangs.

  • (AI) When low in remaining Action Points, AI fighters are now more likely to favor attacking enemies rather than buffing themselves with skills such as Tune-Up.

  • (AI) AI fighters are now less prone to buffing themselves if doing so cannot be immediately followed up by an offensive action.

  • (AI) AI fighters should no longer attempt to end their turn (or adopt an Overwatch/Ambush Stance) in unsafe zones.

  • (AI) AI Deadeyes will now attempt to maintain a safe distance from their foes, in order to take advantage of their long-range offensive capabilities.

  • (AI) AI Lay-Mechanics will no longer spend Action Points to perform the Tinkerer skill in order to repair Zip Line Connections which they do not intend to use.


  • (XP) Using the "Controlled Memory Wipe" will now cause fighters to lose an amount of XP equivalent to all gains made by previously learning and upgrading that skill.

  • (UI) Fixed some inconsistencies between different message prompts during the different stages of Fighter Deployment.


  • (CONQUEST) Fixed a crash that could occur after starting and abandoning multiple successive missions in Conquest.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a crash that could occur to a client after ending their turn in very specific conditions.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a crash that could occur to a client at the Mission Recap panel after the host would forfeit a multiplayer match.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a crash that could occur to the host when any player would attempt to use a "Build" skill during the very last second of their turn timer.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to examine another client's player profile during a 1v1v1 match.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a rare crash that could occur to the host after a client's fighter would attempt to use the "Tinker" skill on a Zip Line, under very specific circumstances.

  • (STORY) Fixed a crash that could occur after completing the final objective in Story Chapter 15.

  • (STORY) Fixed a crash that could occur after selecting the "Save and Return to Main Menu" option in Story Mode.


  • (COMBAT) Fixed a crash that could occur after an objective-carrying fighter would be put Out of Action in certain Retrieval scenarios.


  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a desync issue that could occur when a player's fighter would walk after triggering the grenade launching stance/reticle, potentially causing some clients to enter a soft-lock state.

  • (STORY) Fixed a rare bug that could cause a soft lock in Story Chapter 9 by preventing the Objective Crates from correctly spawning on the train.

  • (STORY) Fixed a rare bug that could cause a soft lock in Story Chapter 3 by preventing the Objective Toolbox from correctly spawning in.


  • (COMBAT / AI) Fixed a soft lock that could occur when a fighter's Ambush state would be triggered and be unable to successfully complete.

  • (LOADING) Fixed a rare soft lock that could occur when reaching 50-51% of the loading process for Story missions or new Operations with profiles meeting some specific conditions. This could sometimes also lead to a title crash.


  • (CUSTOMIZATION) Fixed a bug causing a broken fighter model to be momentarily displayed when choosing Gang Colors in the customization screen.

  • (CUSTOMIZATION) Fixed a bug where stressing the customization screen's "Randomize" button could result in some overlapping assets.

  • (HIVE / HIRING) Fixed a bug causing the "Curious" and "Protean" traits to be generated on too many fighters.

  • (HIVE / STATS) Fixed a bug causing some defeated fighters to be counted twice in the Gang Stats screen.

  • (HIVE / STATS) Fixed a bug preventing certain Gang Stats from being recorded properly in specific circumstances.


  • (CONTEST / PC) Fixed a bug allowing PC players to Alt+F4 out of the game to avoid consequences of Matchmaking/Skirmish Contest missions.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a bug allowing empty chat messages to be sent on PC.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a bug causing clients to receive an incorrect "Invalid Crew" warning popup when returning to the Hive after Skirmish or Contest missions.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a bug that could cause client desynchronization during either host or AI turns in some specific situations.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a bug that could cause Objective Items to disappear (for client players) after being dropped by an Out of Action fighter.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a bug that could cause some Objective Items to duplicate when picked up by a fighter in Retrieval missions, allowing the duplicated item to be picked up as well.

  • (OPERATIONS) Fixed a bug causing the "Neuro-inhibitor" item to apply its XP bonus to player-controlled fighters after missions in which only AI gangs would participate.

  • (OPERATIONS) Fixed a bug preventing the system from correctly registering resources stolen by players from an enemy gang during HQ Attack missions.

  • (OPERATIONS) Fixed a bug that could prevent certain Gang Stats from being properly recorded at the end of an Operation.

  • (OPERATIONS) Fixed a bug that could prevent the turn-by-turn autosave function from properly completing in certain Scenarios, also causing its visual indicator to permanently remain on screen.

  • (STORY / UI) Fixed a bug causing unknown items to be visible in the Strategic View (Map) in Story Chapters where fighters were auto deployed.

  • (STORY) Fixed a bug that could cause some abnormally long loading times after completing the Intro Cinematic of some Story Chapters, under very specific conditions.


  • (ORLOCK) Fixed a bug causing an animation jank (frame skip) when Orlock fighters would run into floor traps.

  • (VAN SAAR) Fixed a bug preventing Van Saar fighters from receiving their House's Maximum Stat bonuses.

  • (VAN SAAR) Fixed a bug preventing players from picking custom Van Saar hair/tattoo colors after previously randomizing them.

  • (VAN SAAR) Fixed a bug causing the names of some female Van Saar fighters to be displayed entirely in lowercase.

  • (VAN SAAR) Fixed a bug sometimes causing the visual flickering of the Van Saars' data tether (techno ponytail).


  • (INTERACTABLES) Fixed a bug preventing fighter interactions with a single Zip Line Connection on the Chemical Pools map.

  • (INTERACTABLES) Fixed an interaction bug while closing a specific Door (after previously opening it in the same turn) on the Discharge Station map.


  • (ANIMATION) Fixed a bug causing the wrong animation to be triggered by certain House Variants of the "Intimidation" skill.

  • (CAMERA) Fixed a bug causing the camera to adopt an incorrect position at the end of a mission.

  • (COLLISIONS) Fixed a bug causing Objective Crates and/or Caskets to float in the air after stacking (dropping) two of them on top of one another, then picking up the object at the bottom.

  • (COLLISIONS) Fixed a bug causing weird interactions between dropped Objective Items and moving Elevators.

  • (COLLISIONS) Fixed a bug with the bottom collider of a specific 3D prop that could allow a fighter's Overwatch reaction to be triggered through the floor or ceiling.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug sometimes preventing the Engagement circles of different fighters to properly collide, especially when at different heights (on ramps, stairs, etc.).

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug that could trigger an Unsafe Zone warning when trying to confirm a Forfeit during Conquest missions.

  • (EQUIPMENT) Fixed a bug preventing the "Neuro-inhibitor" item from properly applying its XP bonus to a fighter at the end of a mission.

  • (OBJECTIVES) Fixed a bug that would cause a player to be ranked in 2nd place after extracting with the objective in Retrieval: Archeotech missions while an AI fighter would be holding a Salvage Casket.

  • (SKILLS) Fixed a bug allowing fighters to perform the "Death from Above" while targeting an area on their current elevation. This could sometimes even lead the fighter to stun itself after landing in the skill's AoE zone.

  • (SKILLS) Fixed a bug allowing the use of the Leader's "Heroic: Barrage" ability for 0 Action Points in certain specific situations.

  • (SKILLS) Fixed a bug causing the "Build: Roaring Forge" skill to cost the same amount of AP at ranks 2 and 3.

  • (SKILLS) Fixed a bug causing the "Gatling Frenzy" debuff to be only applied by the skill's first shot.

  • (SKILLS) Fixed a bug incorrectly allowing players from selecting a fighter's hand from which to perform the "Machine Strike" skill.

  • (SKILLS) Fixed a bug incorrectly causing a fighter's "Gunpoint Affinity" passive buff to be applied when targeted by an enemy's Overwatch attack.

  • (SKILLS) Fixed a bug preventing the "Heavy-Footed" passive skill effects from correctly triggering.

  • (SKILLS) Fixed a bug preventing the Saboteur's "Homemade 'Nade" skill from properly dealing damage to Barricades.

  • (VFX) Fixed a bug preventing blood splatter VFXs from correctly triggering when using Fist and Drill melee attacks with female Lay-Mechanics of the Orlock, Escher and Van Saar houses.

  • (WEAPONS) Fixed a bug that would reset the Heat level of some Plasma weapons when storing them in a fighter's Backpack.


  • (CONSOLES / MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a bug that could prevent console players from creating/joining a Party, or from sending Party invites, requiring a title restart.

  • (CONSOLES / STORY) Fixed a bug which would cause a corrupted texture to be temporarily displayed at the end of certain Intro Cinematics.

  • (PS4 / STORY) Fixed a bug causing an incorrect texture to be displayed on the Exploding Trap model in Story Chapter 4.

  • (X1 / VFX) Fixed a bug causing the Van Saar Turret's VFX to loop infinitely after landing a killing shot on an enemy fighter.


  • (LOCALIZATION) Fixed various localization and translation issues.

  • (LOCALIZATION) Fixed the incorrect description of the contents of some post-match Reward Crates.

  • (UI) Fixed a bug causing the "Toggle Free Camera" prompt to sometimes remain visible after opening the Strategic View.

  • (UI) Fixed a bug causing the Weapon Jam indicator to sometimes remain visible after switching fighters.

  • (UI) Fixed a bug causing the "Your Turn" or "Deployment Phase" indicators to sometimes remain visible (in very low opacity) after their removal animation.

  • (UI) Fixed a bug sometimes preventing the appearance of damage indicators when using Melta weapons.

  • (UI) Fixed a bug causing players to see the targeting reticle turn red (indicating an enemy) while hovering their aim over one of their own turrets.

  • (UI) Fixed a bug where opening the buff panel while aiming the skill "Aimed Shot" would result in the panel to keep opening and closing when switching between targets.

  • (UI) Fixed a bug causing a misalignment of the gang members' icons in the Fighter Deployment screen.

  • (UI Fixed a bug causing an HTC (hold to confirm) prompt to appear in the inventory when quickly switching between the End Turn and Inventory actions.

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