My pts won’t load

I keep trying to load the public test version of snow runner but its running and immediately crashes I installed it under my hard drive then moved it back to my SSD and it hasn’t been working

@bennyboiyt57153 There was an answer from developers regarding PTS in the thread below:
PTS Ver 12.8 missing dlls:

@gbeeTen df50edee-10bc-4a2e-9060-315fa26623bf-image.png

i'm going nuts too, i deleted EVERYTHING. reinstalled, on different drives too. and all it gives is a broken 795MB file.
I know that it is called a PTS for a reason, to test it.. but we can't even install it to find any bugs.. Any Help please..
Rufus Johns


There is no PTS anymore... why its so hard to understand? If your only goal is to find bugs go find it in the live version of the game!
PTS was closed!