Report a bug??? Just one???

Hi everyone. I would like to share my experience here. I have been playing Mordheim for years and still do. I recently purchased Necromunda Underhive Wars FOR ps4 and I have to say Focus Home Interactive have basically released a BROKEN game. There isn't literally a single day I play this game that I don't have to restart it because it crashes or I find all sorts of BUGS, like crates to complete objectives disappearing, or characters not being able to finish their turn, or having to restart like 3 times or more to successfully load a saved game.
I gave up on the story as I know the mechanics of the game enough to play other modes, but story was almost unplayable because of the bugs too.
You have almost turned a loyal happy player into a complete hater. Focus Home Interactive, are you actually going to do something about it!!!!????
The bugs I have experienced in a week just:

-Story mode: Chapter 13. The databanks disappeared from one round to the other after placing them again on the floor. I had to forfeit and start the same chapter and finish it in 1 go.

-Operations mode: Unable to finish the turn with a character several times.

-Jump to a lower level, take a crate and kneel, then finish turn and crashed (4 times restarting until I had to actually do different things)

-Operations mode: Crate appears but can't be carried (As if it didn't existed)

-Unable to load saved games for both story mode and Operations.

-Objectives totally wrong after having completed them when loading a saved game in story mode.

All this has happened in a WEEK!!!

Focus Home interactive, are you serious?? How can you release a game in such state?? Is this an Alpha or a Beta that we are really playing and you wanted to SELL FIRST AND FIX AFTERWARDS!!???

Hello, yes it is very terrible that the bugs that the game crashes and other bugs get not fixed. It feels like the developers will not do any bugfixes, sell sell sell... more dlc please. But there is at this moment a unstable game. It is a chance 50/50 to play the match to the end. Ugly.