Crash at running custom game / Save-Load?


we have bought this game on steam to have some fun with co-op versus AI. We have startet some custom games 2 human players Team A versus 2 computer units Team B. The first three custom games works really good and makes fun. The Video-Scenes are stu***, perhaps we have a wrong setting, we see only what our fighter do, but not which hit our fighters do against the other.

Okay, now today we started again a custom match 2 human players Team A+A (we are in teamspeak) against 2 AI computer units Team B+B. We had so much fun and after 1 hour the game was closed without any error-message. I was on the desktop.... now fast starting the game, perhaps i can join to my friend with my Team.... During starting the game my friends has told me, that he has now exact the same exit without any error-messages. What?

Okay, so we both starting the game again and..... no custom savegame? no experience? There is no automatic saving? If the match is running a long time, we cannot save the match and come back to the saved custom-match the next day? Really? [Save/Load Game is it not a normal thing in games <Custom> not PVP?]

brg, Michael

Hello, thanks for your report!

Sadly there isn't any way to save and get back in a custom game with a friend. The best to do is to restart the game, sorry!

Thanks for your fast response and feedback. Would be really nice if the developer would fix the crash-bugs and insert a save/load option. We have seen a new dlc is incoming for this game, but which one would buy this dlc, if the bugs are not fixed? The Game has potential, but some fixes would be really nice and usefull.

Best regards, Michael.


2021/February/15 In the last days we had so much crashes, we can count them. Very terrible are the crashes on custom-matches and if there is only one AI-Player left. Boooom, Game exit to the desktop. And now one week later what have the developers do? Are they in holidays?

At this time the game is not a good figurehead for the company.

It seems that the concept of a hotfix is very alien to these developers... 🙁

The hotfix did not bring much, except that you no longer crash to the desktop, but now directly to the menu. While playing, the custom match (2 human teams A+A versus 2 AI teams B+B) closes and so there is no experience. Nothing is written in the crash folder of the game either, it does not crash officially and supposedly. The game is simply not mature. In my eyes, the game belongs in beta status. With all the crashes, even if currently only into the menu, I will not support the developers with a single euro anymore (DLC NO!). It's already extremely embarrassing that the developers can't even program a crash reporter that automatically sends the crash logs.

I sent all my crash files to the developers once, but perhaps they are overwhelmed with these, like with game programming.

best regards Michael