Please show how many bullets are left in the ammo magazine. IMPORTANT! And drives me bonkers, this is not a Simulation game although the game could feel like that.

As for general gameplay in CO-OP and VERSUS, I observed that some players somehow overwrite shooting and although gun seems to aim quite away from the body, players still get hit and some other times when shooting at someone seems to play like AI themselves playing around because people players could not move like that. Such behaviours can help at times, but that could turn to some problems if others would start copying that. Anti-cheat, anti-illogical behaviours should be controlled because although someone sometimes appears to be funny, it feels weird.

Another issue is that some players seem to appear like from nowhere, so fast, so quick, that logically thinking that should have been slower.

I played many Medal of Honour, Call of Duty, Crysis, Counter Strike, SNIPER, Wolfenstein, Doom games without cheats and I know how games and tech work or should work. I have a fast internet ping and I know what I am expresssing. So, think about this and try to improve the game because it is really good. Thank you.